Thrill of the Hunt officially launched a new scavenger hunt recently, the Thrill Ride.  As we continue to grow, we’re adding unique scavenger hunt experiences to our portfolio, bringing the adventure to you.

Thrill of the Hunt has taken the standard scavenger hunt and elevated it to a completely new theatrical experience never been done before.  The Thrill Ride is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Thrill Ride Details

What makes this scavenger hunt so special?  A lot.


A typical custom scavenger hunt is designed to include any number of participants, lasting between one to two hours, depending on the participants and location.  The Thrill Ride consists of two to six participants for a five to six-hour adventure.  If requested, Thrill of the Hunt will turn this scavenger hunt into a weekend escape as per the requested specifications.


In an undercover fashion, the Thrill Ride takes the adventure seekers to specific locations.  To add another level of dimension to the scavenger hunt, each Thrill Ride employs a minimum of three actors.  Not only does this guarantee a more dramatic experience but it also helps to guide the participants along, ensuring they stay on track with minimum downtime.  If requested, Thrill of the Hunt will help disguise friends or family members to be incorporated into the adventure.

Since the Thrill Ride is a scavenger hunt, the participants are given clues to follow in a unique fashion.  Sometimes a clue could be passed along by a stranger, or the participants are directed to purchase a cup of coffee, to find a clue written on the side of the coffee cup.  Along the way, the participants could look up to uncover a clue plastered to a billboard or hidden in a sign.  Each clue is accompanied with specific challenges and social media interaction for exponential fun.


Throughout the scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt will shoot undercover footage with hidden cameras, of the participants while they figure out the clues, travel to different sites, and interact with one another.  To maintain the adventure, Thrill of the Hunt will snap random surveillance-style photos during the scavenger hunt.

Thrill of the Hunt will track your whereabouts through GPS and your family and friends are welcome to watch the adventure and follow along on social media.


The Thrill Ride is offered anywhere in the United States, for now.  As popularity grows, we’ll address special requests to distant destinations.  The Thrill Ride takes the adventure seekers to specific locations within predetermined parameters.  This includes sightseeing and cultural fun as an added bonus.

Again, depending on the area, some adventures could include Uber or Lyft, a taxi, a town car, a limousine, or a combination to transport the participants.

Completely Custom

Each Thrill Ride is unique and an extraordinary experience.  In order to make this happen, Thrill of the Hunt does require very detailed information about the participants and the area.  We will take any special requests into consideration and try to work them throughout the scavenger hunt.

Building the Thrill Ride is not instantaneous and takes time to develop.  Thrill of the Hunt will do our best to accommodate rush requests.


Upon conclusion of the Thrill Ride, Thrill of the Hunt will supply the surveillance-style photos and create a compilation video from all the footage as a memorable keepsake to share with family and friends.

Reasons to Celebrate

Granted this is a high-end style gift, but the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.  Like what? Use the Thrill Ride to celebrate:

Use the Thrill Ride to celebrate:

  • A birthday
  • An anniversary
  • Proposing a special question
  • A promotion
  • A medical miracle
  • A personal accomplishment
  • A holiday, such as New Year’s or Valentine’s Day
  • Or simply for the heck of it!

Visit Thrill Ride for additional details, or email us at for inquiries.  If you havea  minute, review the press release Thrill of the Hunt Launches the Thrill Ride Scavenger Hunt Experience!

Have you participated in an adventure or one that turned out to be a terrific time?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Thrill of the Hunt exclusively develops and administers to themed scavenger hunts for public and private events such as team building activities, company outings, fundraisers and private parties.

Remember, Everyone needs to … EXPERIENCE THE GAME!

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