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This is a collection of scavenger hunt events, custom scavenger hunt examples and testimonials. Some videos are shot by Thrill of the Hunt, while others have been submitted online. Sit back, relax and get ready to be truly entertained.


Sample Clues

Do you want to see examples of our clues and challenges? Take a peek. Keep in mind, each scavenger hunt is custom.

The biggest request when someone is interested in a Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunt is "What do the clues look like?" Since all of our custom scavenger hunts are unique, this video shows various examples of clues and challenges. Use this as a reference.

Do you want to host a scavenger hunt or discuss your event? Let us know.

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Team Building, HR & Event Planning

Attention: Human Resource and Event Planners. A custom scavenger hunt has many benefits. Show that your company is a great place to work, plus so much more. Click through this playlist to watch various videos.


Trade Shows

Whether you're hosting a trade show and need to attract more vendors, you're attending a trade show and need to drive foot traffic to your booth, or you have a venue and you want to keep your facility booked, Thrill of the Hunt can help. Scroll through the video playlist below.

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Dog Fundraisers

Try a unique fundraiser for your next activity. Include your partners and sponsors on the actual scavenger hunt for maximum exposure.

Click through the playlist to review testimonials from participants first hand.