Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and couples everywhere are planning an evening out with a special someone, or with the entire family.  How can you take the quintessential romantic day and add a little more adventure, excitement and even love?  With a custom scavenger hunt of course!

For the entire family

Create a family loving scavenger hunt around the house or neighborhood.  Children love to hear stories about their parents and when they were younger, and parents love telling such stories and reliving the fond memories of the past.  Use those ideas to incorporate into fun trivia.  Send the family around the house to items of special significance, to highlight them, that ordinarily would be overlooked on a typical day.

Turn a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt into a tradition, allowing everyone a turn to create one and administer to the game.  It’s great for family unity and a fun way to share stories and family history.

Use the scavenger hunt as a vehicle to create a Valentine’s Day meal.  Start the scavenger hunt in the refrigerator and add menu items for a family friendly dish, cooked together at the end.  The scavenger  hunt might include a trip to the grocery store.  Don’t forget to add the special touches such as candles to illuminate the dinner with class, as well as sparkling water or grape juice for the kids to toast.  It’s those little touches that children remember the most!

Make sure to include pictures and video to be used as a keep sake, or to post online for family and friends to share in your adventure.  That’s always a nice touch.

Either approach the scavenger hunt as one team, or separate into boys against girls, or adults verses children.  If everyone is participating, then it might be advantageous for an outside party to develop and set up the scavenger hunt to make it fair.

How can a scavenger hunt be romantic for couples?

Easy.  Thrill of the Hunt outlined a few ideas for turning your Valentine’s Day into a memorable one.  The ideas outlined for the guys and gals can be interchanged.  Be creative and have fun.

For the Guys

If you’re the true romantic, perhaps you’re considering proposing to that special lady on a day dedicated to love.  Why not make her work for it and turn the proposal into a day long scavenger hunt?

Depending on the proximity of the locations, pick places that mean something to the two of you and lead to each location with a clue.  Begin early in the morning to give her enough time to tackle the scavenger.

Mail her a card in advance containing a single clue, as well as instructions as to what’s expected from the day.  This will build excitement for you both.

Now this is where it can get really fun.  There are so many options to personalize such a special life moment, be creative.  Perhaps at each location, a gift awaits her along with the next clue.

Like what?  Choose to dress her from head to toe for a night out on the town.  Lead her from store to store with clues to retrieve an entire outfit.  The best way to handle this option, to avoid size issues, is to have her stop at the store where the item was purchased.  This may take some planning, but I’m sure the retail workers would be more than happy to assist considering the proposal at the end.  Don’t forget to leave the gift card and don’t forget to include the undergarments.

To really add the finishing touches, make an appointment at her hair salon, and don’t forget to schedule the manicure and pedicures!

If shopping in advance isn’t your cup of tea, leave a small gift at each stop, such as roses, jewelry or even better, homemade gifts of the two over the years.  Embellish the pieces with items that mean something, like a sea shell from your first vacation together, or a dried flower from the first bouquet you gave her.  Make picture frames, cards, a personalized phone case, anything from the heart is perfect.  You name it!  Chicks dig that stuff!

Make sure at every stop, she takes pictures or videos and posts them online.  That way, everyone can share in her excitement, especially if others know the outcome.  It’s also the best way to track her, in case you need to adjust the evening plans due to timing.

Leave enough time for her to go through the entire scavenger hunt with a little extra time for her to shop if the items didn’t work out.  Plus, ensure you allotted enough time to get ready.

If there is a ring at the end of your scavenger hunt, make sure it stays in your hands or in the hands of someone highly trusted.

For the Gals

Sure it’s nice to have a guy dote all over you, but sometimes the gal wants to do something special and fun for their man.  Send him on a scavenger hunt!

Use trivia about each other as part of the clues and challenges.  This will really test his couple’s knowledge to see what he truly remembers and knows.

You too can dress him from head to toe, similar to the idea above for the guys.  Purchase a complete outfit and leave one item at each clue to dress him for the night.

At each location, leave gift cards to his favorite stores or eventually join him for a couples massage.

Perhaps your guy is a little more rugged.  Great!  Incorporate nature as part of your scavenger hunt and have him track down clues through a wooded area, leading to a picnic for two. (weather pending)

Maybe you want to show the progression of your relationship, through areas of interest and significance, or with sentimental items.  Take him on an adventure from clue to clue.  Have your friends and his help!  Station these helpers at specific sites to move the scavenger hunt along, or to make it more of a social event.

If your significant other is in the military, use his buddies to join in on the hunt or be apart of it.  Maybe create a boot camp type of scavenger hunt, and have your guy prove his love with an obstacle of physical challenges.  Intermix the physical challenges with personal trivia to test the mind and body.

Maybe plan a week long scavenger hunt, leading your fella to a new adventure everyday, even better with his friends.  One day take him to the go cart track, another to the golf course, another to the shooting range, another to an action movie and finally to a wine tasting dinner or meet up on the slopes for a little skiing or snowboarding weekend fun.  Invite other couples to join the adventure and turn this type of scavenger hunt into a group game.

Remember, always be on hand, in case the other person gets stumped and needs an extra clue.  End the scavenger hunt at a restaurant, or make a romantic dinner for two.

If you don’t want to create your own scavenger hunt, purchase tickets to a public scavenger hunt and enjoy the day.

Show your love through a unique adventure with a custom scavenger hunt.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you create your very own Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

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