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Scavenger hunts are perfect to drive traffic directly to your booth, as well as your partners and sponsors. A scavenger hunt is also the perfect vehicle to educate your customers and prospects, increase your online footprint and create a buzz at your booth.

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What Does a Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt Offer?

A scavenger hunt may be used to accomplish other goals in addition to offering a unique and fun activity for your team.

Company Culture

A custom scavenger hunt could incorporate company values, mission statements and company history, as desired. Not only is your team enjoying themselves with a fun event, but the company culture is reinforced through a fun and interactive game.

Good Competition

A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to bring different offices or departments together to work as a team or encourage respectful interoffice competition. Increase overall morale and company loyalty with a custom scavenger hunt!

Online Footprint

Our scavenger hunts are designed to increase your online footprint exponentially. The social sharing promotes your company in a positive way through a fun game and it simultaneously entices the new generation workforce and qualified individuals to your company.
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Exhibitors agree these are the high-priority marketing-related objectives for trade shows.

Building / Expanding Brand Awareness
New Product Promotions / Launches
Brand Awareness Reinforcement

Accomplish these with a custom scavenger hunt.

Additional Benefits

A Trade Show Scavenger Hunt Offers Many Benefits

Team building is a popular activity for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thrill of the Hunt has taken this popular choice for reinforcing company culture and promoting problem solving skills by turning it into a scavenger hunt with added benefits.

5 event planning pic

Educate your customers & prospects on your products, services & brand through a game

Increase traffic & repeat traffic to your booth

Capture social media followers & increase social channel activity

Promote interaction between your sales team, clients & prospects

Expand your company’s overall online footprint (utilize SEO to increase brand reputation & searchability)

Gain a qualified & accurate database

Incorporate your partners & vendors as part of the scavenger hunt for a collaborated effort

Create a controlled setting for social interaction between employees & the public, employee advocacy

Boost social media traffic with focused keywords during the trade show

Build company loyalty & employee morale

Utilize photos & videos taken during the scavenger hunt for post-event marketing efforts

Plus so much more…

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Scavenger Hunt Details & Options

Here's some basic information often asked about our scavenger hunts. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.

Group Size

Depending on the number of participants, Thrill of the Hunt will develop the scavenger hunt to be executed in pairs or in small teams for additional social interaction and as a team builder. Allow Thrill of the Hunt to outline the teams or administer to this process yourself. Remember, we’re here to help.

Employee Concerns

Sometimes, employees have limitations and are unable to participate in the scavenger hunt. Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to include these individuals as part of the scavenger hunt, either as a helper to pass out clues and challenges or be included on the actual scavenger hunt, allowing the entire team to participate. Tell us your special requests or concerns.

Length of Time

A standard scavenger hunt takes about 1 – 2 hours to complete. You may choose to opt for an all day activity, which Thrill of the Hunt can accommodate. There's also the option to have the scavenger hunt begin when a participant signs up, or establish a hard start and stop time. Again you choose. Remember, we're always here to help.


Thrill of the Hunt will supply detailed instructions to administer your scavenger hunt. However, you have the option to purchase administrative services, allowing a Thrill of the Hunt team member to execute the scavenger hunt. Then everyone participates and enjoys the game. Our Thrill Leader will set up the clues, give instructions, answer questions, and interact with the participants during the scavenger hunt.

Special Requests

Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to utilize any supplied promotional products as part of the scavenger hunt. Instead of handing out branding pieces, use them as another level of reward during the scavenger hunt. In addition, Thrill of the Hunt will also include any partners or sponsors on the scavenger hunt. Ask for details!

Marketing & Social

Thrill of the Hunt offers a variety of options for getting the most out of each custom scavenger hunt. Ask us about additional photography, videography, marketing and social media strategies and branded scavenger hunt videos. Thrill of the Hunt is here to assist in making your event a complete success, hassle free and memorable!
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Exhibitor’s Top Reasons for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Reasons over 50% of Exhibitors agree with

Exhibit for Awareness
Exhibit for Leads
Exhibit to Build Partnerships
Exhibit to See Current Clients
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Let Thrill of the Hunt take the event planning burden off of you. We offer more than scavenger hunt development. Everything from social media strategy development, marketing support, to event planning, we're here to give you support. What services do you need?

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A Custom Scavenger Hunt
Can Support Your Marketing Efforts

A scavenger hunt is the perfect vehicle to drive traffic and interest to your booth, while education your customers and prospects. But did you know, a custom scavenger hunt can be used to support all trade show marketing efforts? Yes.

Pre and Post Marketing Efforts.  In addition to having an interactive and fun activity for your trade show, a scavenger hunt can actually begin during the pre-event marketing efforts and end with the post-event marketing campaign.

Be sure to promote the scavenger hunt by inviting key individuals to the game beforehand.  Use a single clue to entice your customers and prospects, or offer discounts and special prizes for your participants during the scavenger hunt.

Upon conclusion of the trade show event, wait a day or two to announce the winners to continue your marketing traction and to make a big splash.   This is where your company will get a lot of online traction with photo and video postings.  Be sure to have fun and engage your audience!

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Attention Venues & Event Planners

Do you want your venue to be booked year round? Do you want your facility to hold trade shows and conferences and draw large crowds? Offer the event coordinator a custom scavenger hunt as part of the package. A scavenger hunt will move the participants around the trade show floor and can be include vendors, parters and speakers. Does the event planner need to highlight a specific event or area of the trade show? Let them know you have a solution with a custom scavenger hunt.

More Statistics

About 50% of the largest 200 shows in the USA take place in just 3 cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando.

Nearly Half of the Revenue From Events & Trade Shows in the US is Sourced From Registrations.

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How Do You Promote Your Venue?

Team up with Thrill of the Hunt to promote your venue as being the obvious choice to host trade shows and events. Stand out and be unique. Be the solution and offer a custom scavenger hunt at your venue.

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Popular Scavenger Hunt Activities

Team Building

Reinforce company culture & promote leadership

Trade Show

Increase floor traffic & your online footprint

Company Outing

Offer a unique activity& reward your team

Holiday Party

Engage your team & offer an adventure

Sales Meeting

Promote creativity & educate your team