Thrill Ride

Thrill Ride

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Are you celebrating an anniversary or a birthday? Do you want to give the BEST gift EVER?

Through the assistance of actors, technology and good old-fashion mystery, Thrill of the Hunt offers this one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt experience. Thrill of the Hunt will detail your adventure and lead you and your group (up to 6 people) on this exceptional Thrill Ride.

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The Thrill Ride is an Adventure of a Lifetime.

Thrill of the Hunt has taken the standard scavenger hunt and elevated it to a completely new theatrical experience never been done before.  It’s truly an extraordinary experience.

Try it for yourself!

General Experience

Let the Ride Begin


Let’s Get Started

Whether we pull your group from dinner in a hasty fashion out the backdoor of a restaurant, stop by your home and lead you into a taxi or limo, or hijack you while shopping, the Thrill Ride begins with excitement and surprise.


Your Custom Adventure

In an undercover fashion, Thrill of the Hunt will supply your mission packet and your initial clue, taking you to an actual location.  Actors will guide you along, moving you in the right direction, making for a more dramatic experience.


The Scavenger Hunt

Each clue takes you to the next, and the next, moving you through a city, town or area.  Sometimes the clues are passed to you by a stranger, written on the side of a coffee cup, or plastered to a billboard sign.  Each new location holds additional challenges and even a bit of sightseeing and cultural fun.


Following Your Journey

During the scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt will be tracking your whereabouts through GPS, through check-ins from our actors, other participants and through other technology. Your family and friends are welcome to follow the adventure and interact with you and others on social media.


Smile, You’re On Camera

Throughout the scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt will shoot undercover footage of your group figuring out the clues, traveling to different sites and interacting with one another. In addition, Thrill of the Hunt will snap surveillance style photos and video of your adventure.


Sharing Your Adventure

Upon completion of the Thrill Ride, Thrill of the Hunt will combine the video footage and photos to create a memorable keepsake. We will also supply the photos taken during the adventure for you to share with family and friends. After all, you would have earn it.

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Are you ready to give the gift of true adventure?

Whether you're purchasing the Thrill Ride for someone or you're planning on joining the adventure too, let us know and we'll get you started.


Basic Thrill Ride Information

Below outlines some pertinent information about the Thrill Ride. If you still need additional information or you want to discuss further, please let us know. We'd be happy to hear from you.


The standard Thrill Ride takes anywhere from 5 - 6 hours to complete. Thrill of the Hunt also offers the Weekend Escape Package, which begins on a Friday late-day and lasts until Sunday mid-day. Details will be outlined in advance.

Group Size

A Thrill Ride contains anywhere from 2 - 6 people. In order to offer an adventure to this level, this is our sweet spot.


As of now, all participants must be 18-years of age or older. If you're looking to purchase the Thrill Ride for individuals younger, Thrill of the Hunt will evaluate each request individually, and will need at least one legal adult on the adventure and parent/guardian's permission.


A Thrill Ride may be developed for any area. Thrill of the Hunt will employ the services of local Taxi's, Uber and trains, in addition to other public transportation. Depending on your budget, if a plane is scheduled then Thrill of the Hunt will require legal photo identification, plus other pertinent documentation prior to developing the scavenger hunt.


Thrill of the Hunt has an extensive forms that need to be completed in its entirety. Information required such as emergency contact, release forms including medical, legal photo identification, a few head shots, cell phone number, email and any other preferred form of communication. All this information will need to be collected for everyone in the group.


Absolutely. Thrill of the Hunt employs local actors to enhance the scavenger hunt and make it an adventurous and memorable experience.The actors help to move the game along and supply clues and challenges along the way. Typically, a standard Thrill Ride uses a minimum of 3 actors.


If you purchase the Thrill Ride for friends or family members and you want to be included on the actual hunt, Thrill of the Hunt will work you. We may even disguise you for increased mystery and interaction.


You can purchase the Thrill Ride for yourself and for another. Thrill of the Hunt will need to obtain the same pertinent information from you as everyone in the group. We'll keep the details of the game a secret until it's revealed during the game. You can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Thrill of the Hunt requires at least 30 days to plan for the best scavenger hunt experience ever. The more time we have to plan, the better the experience.


Each Thrill Ride is discussed in depth, including your budget, before Thrill of the Hunt issues you a quote. The Thrill Ride starts at $5,000.

Your Safety
is a High Priority

While Thrill of the Hunt is not responsible for any damages to personal property or bodily harm, we will do our best to ensure your safety.

Thrill of the Hunt runs background checks on our actors. Everyone commissioned by Thrill of the Hunt is issued a Thrill of the Hunt identity badge containing a code specific to that scavenger hunt for verification. At any time during the adventure the participants may follow up on those involved.

Thrill of the Hunt supplies a safety card containing Thrill of the Hunt's contact information to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the hunt.

Thrill of the Hunt will do our best to avoid any areas that are not favorable or are known to be violent or unsafe. We want you to have a great time.

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Let us know. We'd be happy to talk to you about your options. What better gift than the gift of true adventure.