Thrill Ride Takes Scavenger Hunts to Another Level of Theatrical Adventure! 

January 30, 2017 – Thrill of the Hunt announces the release of the Thrill Ride scavenger hunt, the first-ever theatrical scavenger hunt experience that incorporates actors, spy style photography and videos, and technology to create a one-of-a-kind adventure. The Thrill Ride lasts roughly five to six hours for two to six participants, eighteen years of age or older. Thrill of the Hunt also offers the Weekend Escape Package for longer adventures. The Thrill Ride is currently offered anywhere in the United States, and as popularity grows Thrill of the Hunt will expand the reach as requested. The Thrill Ride is a unique experience that’s custom tailored to the participants. The Thrill Ride starts at $5,000. Prices vary based on scavenger hunt specifications and locations. The Thrill Ride is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Who doesn’t love adventure? I’m so excited to offer the Thrill Ride. It’s the perfect combination of theater, adventure, and good old-fashion mystery.” said Heather Piper, co-owner of Thrill of the Hunt. “The Thrill Ride is that ultimate experience for those seeking a little more excitement in their daily routine or for any occasion.”

In an undercover fashion, the Thrill Ride takes the adventure seekers to specific locations within a designated area.   Each Thrill Ride has a minimum of three actors to guide the participants along, making for a more dramatic experience. Throughout the scavenger hunt, the participants are given clues to follow in a unique fashion, sometimes passed along by a stranger, written on the side of a coffee cup, or plastered to a billboard.  Each clue is accompanied with challenges and social media interaction, and each location includes a bit of sightseeing and cultural fun.

“The Thrill Ride is the best gift idea ever!” said Piper. “Need a gift for someone who has everything? Give them the gift of fun and adventure.”

Throughout the scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt will shoot undercover footage of the participants while they figure out the clues, travel to different sites, and interact with one another.  In addition, Thrill of the Hunt will snap random surveillance-style photos during the scavenger hunt. Upon completion of the Thrill Ride, Thrill of the Hunt will supply the photos and create a compilation video as a memorable keepsake to share with family and friends.

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About Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt is a company that exclusively develops custom scavenger hunts, nationwide. Thrill of the Hunt is the authority and trendsetter in scavenger hunt adventures and has elevated the traditional game by incorporating online tools, technology, and social media to take scavenger hunts to another level of theatrical experience. Public and private scavenger hunts are offered for all occasions, such as trade shows, corporate outings, and team building activities.  Thrill of the Hunt is educational, interactive, and perfect for all ages.