Join the Public Dog Scavenger Hunt Event!

August 30, 2016 – Thdats and toys for their sidekick. The participants are encouraged to bring the entire family, along with their furry friend, although dogs are not required. Upon completion of the scavenger hunt, various prizes will be presented to the winners based on certain criteria.

“This event marks a major milestone with Thrill of the Hunt. The San Diego dog scavenger hunt is the first time we’ve hosted a public event on the west coast.” said Heather Piper, co-owner of Thrill of the Hunt. “As our popularity grows, we’ll continue to offer more and more scavenger hunts scattered throughout the United States.”

The participants will be taken on an easy walking scavenger hunt throughout Westfield UTC, an outdoor shopping center in San Diego, California. The dog scavenger hunt offers clues to uncover specific onsite locations. Some clues are accompanied with dog treats and toys for the participants to collect. This scavenger hunt is a family friendly relaxed event allowing everyone to stretch his or her legs and enjoy the area. Well-behaved dogs of all sizes are welcomed on a leash, but not required.

To add another level of excitement and interaction, the participants will complete online challenges during the scavenger hunt and post to the Thrill of the Hunt Facebook Fan Page, Twitter @SpyRingGame or any Thrill of the Hunt social site.

Tickets for the Dog Gone! Scavenger Hunt may be purchased on the Thrill of the Hunt website. Advanced tickets are $35 for the first dog, and $5 each additional dog. Tickets are limited. For complete details on the Dog Gone! Scavenger Hunt in San Diego, CA or any other location, visit Remember, everyone needs to … EXPERIENCE THE GAME!

About Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt is a company that exclusively develops and administers to theme scavenger hunts, nationwide. These adventures combine a traditional game coupled with social media, online tools and technology for a one of a kind experience!

Thrill of the Hunt is educational, interactive, and perfect for all ages!

The love of scavenger hunts can be taken in one of two directions, either hold a private scavenger hunt, or participate in a public Thrill of the Hunt hosted event.

Private Events

Thrill of the Hunt builds scavenger hunts for all occasions such as community galas, fundraisers, corporate outings, and team building activities, to name a few.

Public Events

Thrill of the Hunt offers a unique way to explore local areas through a theme scavenger hunt event with others of like interest.

The public events focus on the community, as well as local merchants and national brands, giving them an opportunity to drive direct traffic to their doorstep and gain brand exposure.