Affordable Dog Scavenger Hunt Sponsorship Opportunities             

April 29, 2016 – Thrill of the Hunt, a company that exclusively develops scavenger hunts for public and private events, is the creator of the dog scavenger hunt. Thrill of the Hunt is currently accepting sponsors for their dog scavenger hunt events hosted in various locations, throughout the United States, beginning May 2016 through October 2016. These dog and family friendly public events consist of one hundred percent dog owners and dog supporters, ranging in age from preteen to senior citizen. Thrill of the Hunt is offering national brands, and local merchants from all industries, affordable sponsorship opportunities to partner with Thrill of the Hunt for one or several dog scavenger hunts. Sponsorships are limited.

In their mission to help promote communities and “mom and pop” shops, while offering pet owners a dog friendly activity, Thrill of the Hunt is accepting national brands and local businesses a chance to promote themselves through various marketing efforts. Sponsorship opportunities include, being on an actual stop during the scavenger hunt to increase guaranteed foot traffic, supplying prizes and vouchers, brand recognition during the event and through social media interactions, an education hour, plus many more opportunities to fit every budget.

“You don’t have to be a big name brand or spend a ton of money to promote your business. I want everyone to participate; after all, our scavenger hunts are about community involvement. Promoting these quaint areas, especially the “mom and pop” shops and supporting dog friendly communities has always been our mission at Thrill of the Hunt.” said Heather Piper, co-owner of Thrill of the Hunt.

The dog scavenger hunts have an audience of one hundred percent dog owners and dog supporters. The participants range in age from preteens to senior citizens, with the majority of the participants in their mid-twenties and thirties. The audience is nearly equally split, male to female ratio, and the majority are tech savvy, using social media and smartphones during the scavenger hunt to increase online footprint.

A portion of the proceeds for each dog scavenger hunt event will be donated to a local animal rescue or animal charity, within the area of the hosted scavenger hunt, or a charity supported by the hosting sponsor. Thrill of the Hunt also offers nonprofit animal organizations an opportunity to team up for a partnered event.

“Our dog scavenger hunts are not only fun and interactive for the whole family, but they’re used as a vehicle to educate the public on dog related issues including adoption and dog health.” commented Piper.

To review sponsorship options visit All inquires for sponsorships will be emailed to While Thrill of the Hunt is still in the final planning stages for some events, complete details on scheduled dog scavenger hunts are outlined at Remember, everyone needs to … EXPERIENCE THE GAME!

About Thrill of the Hunt
Thrill of the Hunt is a company that exclusively develops and administers to theme scavenger hunts, nationwide. These adventures combine a traditional game and couple it with social media, for exponential fun! Thrill of the Hunt is educational, interactive, and perfect for all ages!

The love of scavenger hunts can be taken in one of two directions, either hold a private scavenger hunt, or participate in a public Thrill of the Hunt hosted event.

Private Events
Thrill of the Hunt builds scavenger hunts for all occasions such as parties, bachelor / bachelorette celebrations, fundraisers, community galas, corporate outings, and team building activities, to name a few.

Public Events
Thrill of the Hunt offers a unique way to explore local areas and organizes theme scavenger hunt events open to the public. The public events focus on the community, as well as local merchants, giving them an opportunity to drive direct traffic to their doorstep.