A Valentine’s Day Custom Scavenger Hunt Adventure

With the mad rush of the Christmas season and New Year’s, we finally relax a bit before another holiday arrives.  Valentine’s Day.  For some, this might be a truly meaningful milestone day, while for other’s it’s a slightly celebrated or entirely dismissed holiday.

Thrill of the Hunt has a couple ideas to bring adventure and to create a truly unique experience for your friend or loved ones on the day dedicated to love and friendship.

How can a scavenger hunt add to my Valentine’s Day?

Use a custom scavenger hunt as a vehicle to propose.  That’s always a romantic gesture.  Scavenger hunts can be used as a unique date night, the ultimate way to show how much you love and know about a person.  If you want to simply add a little adventure to your normally mundane day, a scavenger hunt will do the trick.   Scavenger hunts can also be used to include the entire family and friends.  Don’t forget, you can always end a scavenger hunt at a dinner for two or bring the family along.

Thrill Ride

While this adventure may not be economically suited for everyone, it truly is a once in a lifetime scavenger hunt experience.

What is the Thrill Ride?  This is Thrill of the Hunt’s ultimate scavenger hunt experience.  Thrill Ride consists of 2-6 players.  Why so few?  Our experience has taught us that in groups, 6 participants seem to be the sweet spot.  This allows enough participants to get involved and enjoy themselves without being overlooked or crowded.  It’s also the maximum amount for travel ease.

The participants are taken on a 5-6-hour adventure through a designated area.  There’s also the option to take the participants on a weekend excursion to a romantic getaway or fun destination.

What’s included in the adventure?  What makes this experience so special are the details and the interaction.  Thrill of the Hunt uses spy style cameras to capture video and photos to be later viewed.  In addition, to keep the thrill alive, Thrill of the Hunt employs actors to interact with the participants to guide them along the scavenger hunt.

This adventure is definitely not for the last-minute gift giver.  Thrill of the Hunt needs at least a month of planning and a lot of information about the participants before building the scavenger hunt but always an idea for next year or another celebration.

Read more details about Thrill Ride.

Custom Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking to go a little lower key or include a bunch of family and friends, then Thrill of the Hunt suggests a custom scavenger hunt.

This adventure is perfect for 2 to unlimited participants of all ages.  Thrill of the Hunt can incorporate personal information and meaningful locations into the actual scavenger hunt for a personal touch.  We can also use local trivia and historic locations.

Depending on the participants and the location of the scavenger hunt, it usually takes about 1-2 hours to complete, unless you request an all-day scavenger hunt, which takes about 5-6 hours.

Thrill of the Hunt combines a traditional scavenger hunt with social media and online tools for exponential fun.  This adventure can usually be developed in a week, but the more time we have the better the experience.

Read more details about Private Scavenger Hunt.


Either adventure would be a great experience for Valentine’s Day.  It’s always the little or unique gestures that make it memorial.

You can always be creative and develop a custom scavenger hunt yourself.  Thrill of the Hunt offers assistance with the option of a creative meeting to give ideas and direction to build your very own scavenger hunt.

It’s never too late.  Give your Valentine a voucher and complete the scavenger hunt when it’s convenient.  Email Thrill of the Hunt for that voucher and ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you create your very own Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!  Game@thrillofhunt.com.

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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