Take advantage of the holidays!  Use the season as an excuse to blow off some steam, realign your team, build company morale, while recognizing the Easter or Spring celebration.

Dont Put all Your Eggs Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt


Through an Easter or Spring Scavenger Hunt!  You don’t have to celebrate Easter to partake in the spirit of the season.  Take advantage of the Easter egg hunts and all things Easter related, or the onset of nice weather to create an interactive team building event for your employees.


Springtime and Easter are perfect reasons to brush off the cabin fever, put away the winter cloths, and get outside to soak up some vitamin D, or move around inside to brush the cobwebs from the brain, and dust off the corners of the office.  A scavenger hunt is the best vehicle to do this.

Now’s the time your employees need to recharge, especially ending first quarter and moving into the second.  Sitting behind a desk stifles creativity and sucks the energy, especially if the employees are working independently.  In a survey from CareerBuilder (2009), it’s uncovered that about 40% of United States workers had difficulty staying motivated at work in the past year.  Plus a whopping 24% didn’t feel loyal to their current employer.

What’s really interesting, is that since the survey was announced, a new one by Mercer (2011) found that 32% of United States employees are seriously considering leaving their current job.  Seems like a trend in overall company morale and loyalty.

Results of “What’s Working US” indicate employee engagement in going beyond job requirements, feeling a sense of personal accomplishment, pride in the organization and feeling a strong sense of commitment have all declined since 2005.

Marketing Charts http://www.marketingcharts.com/traditional/1-in-3-us-employees-considering-quitting-18017/

Can your brand afford to decline in any aspect of the business?  Bring back the company love!  Employees affect all aspects of the brand.   

Did you know that bad service is the quickest and surest way to loose a customer, and their friends and their family members?  Your employees were hired for a reason and are valuable, not only to customer retention but towards the overall bottom line, no matter if they directly interface with customers or not.

There’s definitely a direct correlation between employee happiness and customer satisfaction.  In a Gallup poll it was revealed that only 30% of employees are engaged.  While there are many levels to engaging employees and maintaining productive hours, sometimes the simplest solutions have the biggest impact.


A scavenger hunt can be as simple or complicated as desired.  It can also be as educational or trivial as needed.


Set up a scavenger hunt in the office between departments, employees or with small random teams.  Again, it doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Turn a typical meeting into an adventure, make your employees go outside or move around the entire workspace.


Use the Easter or Spring season as a theme, and add elements of plastic Easter eggs, wicker baskets, tulips and daffodils, bunny icons, or if you’re religious, crosses and utilizing the color white.


Employees like understanding their place of employment, including thoroughly understanding their job and the company as a whole.  They also like being privy to the core of the business.  Build a scavenger hunt focused on goals and objectives, company history or fun trivia.  Use this time to not only recharge your employees, but educate them.


Drive your employees to certain awards or plaques, opening their eyes to the usually overlooked accomplishments hanging in the hallway.  Incorporate the art and architecture in your space to create a sense of culture.  In some cases, uncover the history of the facility, you might find some interesting facts about the building or the area surrounding your establishment that has been long forgotten.

Online / Social Media

Remember capture the adventure in photos and videos.  Allow the employees to post them online, or have a designated person in the company to select appropriate images, for those businesses with sticker regulations.  This not only increases the company online footprint, but it builds the team’s loyalty and excitement, possibly helping employee retention, and is looked favorable upon by new potential employees.

Participate in an office team building scavenger hunt for Easter or Spring celebrations.

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