Thrill of the Hunt loves themed events.  In fact, that’s kind of our thing, especially scavenger hunts!  I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate, ANYONE can enjoy a Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt, at any age, at any location with any number of participants.  Seriously?  You bet!

I’d like to share a perfect example.  A few years ago, Thrill of the Hunt was asked to develop a scavenger hunt for Rolling Fields Daycare in Conneautville, Pennsylvania.  It’s an assisted living facility and a daycare.

The requirements?  Thrill of the Hunt had to develop the scavenger hunt to be played inside the facility in certain areas, with about 20 participants ranging in age from the elderly (some using wheelchairs and walkers) to young children, all with a football theme.  Keep in mind, Thrill of the Hunt had to eliminate a big step in our scavenger hunt development, by not using smartphone technology and social media interaction.  This scavenger hunt was also to be administered by the Rolling Hills employees, so Thrill of the Hunt had to send complete instructions.  I know, a tall order, but Thrill of the Hunt tackled the challenge, pun intended, and created the Tackle Scavenger Hunt.

Tackle Scavenger Hunt Logo by Thrill of the HuntRolling Fields Daycare wanted this activity to be played before the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 24, 2013.   The facility wanted the residence and their guests to get psyched and football focused.  Sounds like fun right?  We thought so.

The Tackle Scavenger Hunt includes a lot of fun novelty items such as foam fingers, noise makers, and foam footballs used in tandem with riddles and rhymes, and challenges.  The scavenger hunt was developed for the adults to assist the children, as well as the children aiding their elderly partner.  One might say it was the ultimate bridging the gap between old and new in a perfect team building scavenger hunt experience, with a football twist.

The result?  Thrill of the Hunt was informed everyone enjoyed themselves, even those administering to the scavenger hunt.  After the scavenger hunt, everyone gathered around the television set to watch the game.  That must have been a great day for our Pittsburgh Steeler fans, with a 27-11 win over the Cleveland Browns.  Go Steelers!

Tackle Scavenger Hunt Out of Bounds Sign by Thrill of the Hunt

Since we’re in the football season, with tailgating parties, football parties, and everything associated with football, why not add another element to these activities?  Yes, a Tackle Scavenger Hunt!  Anyone can build a football themed scavenger hunt, or let Thrill of the Hunt tackle the challenge, pun totally intended.  Email us at to discuss your event.  Remember, the key to a great scavenger hunt is to create it with pure fun and total creativity.  You know your guests, add football trivia, use social media, incorporate novelty items and football lingo.  Nothing is out of bounds with a Tackle Scavenger Hunt.

No matter where you’re celebrating your football party, and no matter who you’re cheering for, a scavenger hunt is the perfect pregame activity for all members of the family!

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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