Surprise Package

Surprise Package

Another Level to
Scavenger Hunt Fun

Thrill of the Hunt is always on the lookout for additional fun options to offer. Some of our best ideas and scavenger hunt suggestions come from our Thrill Seekers. We love that! The Surprise Package was one such idea from the Huffman’s during our dog scavenger hunt in San Diego. Great idea!

The Surprise Package is an additional option for your scavenger hunt adventure. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, or any other special occasion for a friend, family member, or even your dog, with the Surprise Package. This option adds another level of interaction and a personalized touch to the scavenger hunt experience.

Are you interested? Let us know. We can add a surprise package to any scavenger hunt.

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Surprise Package

Thrill of the Hunt will take pictures of the person(s) of focus on the day of the event and post to our social sites. If Thrill of the Hunt is not administering to the scavenger hunt, we'll have someone send us pictures.


  • Thrill of the Hunt T-Shirt (or another promotional item)
  • Personalized Sign (24″ x 36″) printed in full color mounted on foam core
  • 3 Balloons (Depending on availability/permissions)
  • Posted pictures to our social sites
  • Personalized clue or challenge during the scavenger hunt


  • Wish (him/her) a Happy Birthday during the scavenger hunt & online
  • Take a picture with (him/her) and post online
  • Post a Happy Birthday message to (him/her) on social sites
  • Answer trivia about the celebratory person(s)


  • 3-4 high resolution pictures of the celebratory person
  • Full name of the celebratory person
  • T-Shirt size
  • Celebration (birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation)
  • Personal information on the person(s) (hobbies, interests)

Extra Options

Our participants are always welcome to bring a cake, additional balloons, flowers, or any other items desired to make the moment special. Thrill of the Hunt will do our best to accommodate your requests.

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Do something unique and truly special for someone. Get them the Surprise Package during a scavenger hunt. We can’t wait to get started! Availability is limited. We can only offer the Surprise Package to the first 3 requests for each event. Act now.

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