With the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, the Star Wars phenomenon has peeked the younger audiences, and rekindled interests with long time fans.  Star Wars hasn’t simply infiltrated the big screen, it’s taken over our daily lives with impressive warp speed, everything from toys, to food, to video games.  Granted, the franchise has always carried a faithful fan base, and since the inception of movie VII, the explosion was no surprise.

Recently, Thrill of the Hunt was asked about a Star Wars themed birthday party.  Great idea!  Being a Star Wars fan, and a fan all scavenger hunts, this request was intriguing.  To be honest, any movie or book can be turned into a scavenger hunt.  Simply know your audience, and know your subject inside and out, plus be creative, pay attention to details, and have fun.

Remember, just because the theme is a blockbuster hit or a pop culture classic, it too can be made with an educational aspect.  That’s the best part of scavenger hunts.  The reinforcement of any subject can be easily incorporated without it appearing to be a learning process.

Since Star Wars fans are young and old, on all levels of interest and knowledge, from all walks of life, Thrill of the Hunt outlined a few ideas to making your Star Wars Scavenger Hunt one of a kind.  Appropriate these ideas as desired and incorporate your own.  Be creative!

Indiana Jones & Star Wars Lunchboxes Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger HuntClues

Depending on the number of participants, and the age of the children and adults, it would be fun to begin the scavenger hunt with a clue, similar to the movie, where your participants are trying to find Luke Skywalker.  This idea can be modified to finding the birthday guy/gal, the cake, or even a family pet.  Progress the scavenger hunt forward with clues and challenges, one revealing the next clue, and the next clue, and so on.  If this is a small enough crowd, say up to five or six individuals, have the Thrill Seekers work in a single team.  If the group is larger, separate them into several smaller teams.  Children and adults alike, enjoy working with a teammate or two, as opposed to working solo.

Clue example:  Supply a close-up photo of a location or an object, or perhaps a partial so they’d have to figure it out.  Rhymes are always fun.

Example:  Go toward the east, it hides beside a tree
The robot with the clue & challenges three
Have the Thrill Seekers use a compass to find the east.  The clue can use a toy robot to hold the next clue, or the group could collect the pieces as part of the scavenger hunt.  At this particular clue, assign three challenges or different clues.

Example:  Find your weapon that calls to you
The light is in a closet closest to you
Line up a bunch of flashlights, purchased light-sabres or glow sticks in a closet for the participants to use or collect as part of the scavenger hunt.

Perhaps all along the kids collect items to become a Jedi such as a lightsaber (either a toy or a light stick) a robot (toy or a picture), and a spaceship (toy, picture or have them build their own out of a cardboard box).  Again, depending on the location (inside or out) of the scavenger hunt, place areas with a forcefield (a beaded curtain, or a flashlight resting in an area showing the light stream for the forcefield effect).  At the end of the scavenger hunt maybe get a cardboard cutout of Luke Skywalker, or a doll or a picture for the Thrill Seekers to find.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lunchbox Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger HuntUse Star Wars trivia from the past movies to maintain the theme and make the clues a bit more involved.  If the group consists of children, use trivia from the cartoon Star Wars The Clone Wars.  Keep in mind with children and adults, it’s best to place a Star Wars fan knowing full Star Wars knowledge alongside an individual without as much interest or experience in Star Wars.  It helps to even the playing field, and keeps the game interactive and fun for everyone.

If there’s a mix of die hard Star Wars fans, with the average interest in Star Wars and even those without a Star Wars clue, add in other elements to the scavenger hunt.  This might be a good time to sprinkle in city trivia, pop culture (the actors from the Star Wars movies, and other movies those actors starred in), scholastic subjects and so on.


Challenges add another dimension to the game, plus they’re perfect for capturing the day in photos and videos, and sharing with online friends to comment and join in.

Some challenges could include taking photos or video of each other while staging a Jedi battle scene, with the flashlights, sticks, purchased light-sabres or any object you deem a Jedi weapon.  Or the participants are asked to find something that resembles a light-sabre, and show their best pose as a Jedi, while someone snaps a picture.

Have the participants paint or draw a Star Wars person or scene, or build an object out of Legos.  Then, have the challenge judged upon completion of the Star Wars Scavenger Hunt.  The participants could also take their artwork home as a party favor.

Again, depending on the age of the participants, have the Thrill Seekers post those pictures and videos to their social media sites.  Many times, Thrill of the Hunt will hide clues among our social media sites or in the pictures uploaded.  Let others who aren’t involved in the scavenger hunt to join in.

This scavenger hunt allows for full creativity.  Even using Star Wars music while the participants engage in the Star Wars themed scavenger hunt is a nice touch.  Again, this theme isn’t just for children!

Participate in a Star Wars themed scavenger hunt, or host your own!  May the force be with you!

Did you create your very own Star Wars scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!  Game@thrillofhunt.com.

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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