Happy Spring!

In Old English, prior to Spring referenced by the same name, it was called Lent.  Later called “Springing Time” to the more commonly known name of today, Spring.

Spring, the season between winter and summer when nature springs back to life. (pun intended)  Depending if you’re a winter or summer type of person and where you live, spring may mark the beginning of outdoor fun and adventure.  Thrill of the Hunt believes adventure happens all year round in every hemisphere, but let’s focus on the traditional Spring time.

Summer activities of all kinds are being promoted and marked on the calendar in anticipation of warmer days.  Partake in the seasonal action and start planning your own spring or summer festivities.  Whether it’s a work function, personal outing or you’re participating in a public event, start outlining your theme, purchase your tickets or book your venue now.

Public Events

With public events, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the venues, artists or event planners for times, themes, dates and the event focus.  Although, Thrill of the Hunt accepts requests for scavenger hunts and locations.  I’m sure others want to hear from interested parties regarding a specific type of party in your area.  We do!

Private Events

Don’t wait around for events and activities to fall into your lap.  Create your own.  Turn your gala into an interactive and fun adventure.

Naturally, we recommend a scavenger hunt.  They’re perfect for all ages, including families and the ideas are endless when creating scavenger hunts.

A scavenger hunt may be built to suit any location, inside or out; any number of participants, on any education level; addressing most weather issues.  Those are a lot of variables to address when planning an event.  All very real concerns.  A scavenger hunt can be easily adjusted and built custom for each obstacle.

A scavenger hunt may be built and executed as one of many activities at a particular event or the feature.  You decide.

Combining Activities

A scavenger hunt is a great introduction activity before a concert.  If it’s an all-day music event, consider letting the scavenger hunt continue throughout the celebrations and incorporate the acts as part of the trivia and social challenges.

A scavenger hunt is perfect when paired with a street fair or community gala.  Use the vendors as stops on the scavenger hunt to move the crowds throughout a designated area and to increase traffic to each location.

Same concept applies for a trade show.  Whether you’re an exhibitor or you’re in charge of all the vendors, a scavenger hunt can be used to increase trade show floor interaction, trade show booth activity, and increase your and your vendor’s online footprint.  A scavenger hunt can be used as a fun game or as a vehicle to educate customers and prospects and to collect a qualified database.

Feature Focus

Perhaps you’re celebrating a holiday or a personal milestone.  Once the scavenger hunt is completed, we always recommend having everyone gather at a central location, either a home or a favorite restaurant to continue with the celebrations and reconvene on the scavenger hunt.


No matter what your reasoning is for developing a scavenger hunt, we suggest you add social media to the mix, including photos and videos.  Capturing the moment with photos and videos doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be posted online.  It depends on your group and their preferences, but this does create exponential online fun and interaction.

Have the participants take spontaneous pictures and videos to help capture the memories to re-live later, in the near and distance futures.


Sure the scavenger hunt is fun in and of itself, but winning can be an incentive for your participants to really focus.  Plus, prizes and winning gives official bragging rights.  Create your own trophies or prizes, or purchase items you know your participants would fight for.

Spring into the season with a little fun, a little education, a little vision and a lot of adventure with a scavenger hunt.  Happy Spring!

Did you create your own spring themed scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!  Game@thrillofhunt.com.

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Thrill of the Hunt exclusively develops and administers to themed scavenger hunts for public and private events such as team building activities, company outings, fundraisers and private parties.

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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