Thrill of the Hunt is very proud to be the originator of the dog scavenger hunt!  This year we’re taking our dog scavenger hunt adventures to the national level.

Thrill Sponsorships Dog Scavenger Hunt Thrill of the Hunt

What does this mean if you’re a business owner?

A lot!  Thrill of the Hunt offers sponsorship opportunities to partner with us, on one or more dog scavenger hunt events.  Our Thrill Sponsors can choose an option that best suites any budget size.  Thrill of the Hunt wants to close the gap between your brand or business, and your target market, or potential target.

Do you have to be a dog focused company to participate?

No.  It’s true, 100% of our participants are dog owners, so it would be fitting to team up with Thrill of the Hunt if you’re a pet focused company or offer pet products.

However, keep in mind, about 65% of our participants are women in their mid-twenties.  About 95% of our Thrill Seekers own and use a smartphone, and social media sites such as Facebook (98%) and Twitter (45%).  Generally speaking, our participants range in age from eight years old to about mid-fifties.  If any of those criteria fits your target market model, or if you’re looking to break into a new market segment, then it may be advantageous to consider sponsoring a Thrill of the Hunt dog scavenger hunt.

National Brands

Thrill of the Hunt is proud to offer our high level sponsorship options that include pre-event, event and post-event marketing efforts.  Being a presenter at the scavenger hunt launch party, various Facebook and Twitter campaigns, brand logo exposure on all marketing efforts, and reaching the target market after an event with a survey question to uncover pertinent details about the target market, are a few outlined benefits of teaming up with Thrill of the Hunt.

Thrill of the Hunt offers the Inspire, Intrigue and Stimulate sponsorship packages for larger brands.  A few benefits are outlined on our Sponsors page, but for a complete list of details and prices, contact us at

Local Businesses & Organizations

Thrill of the Hunt addresses the local businesses, and more modest budgets with the option to participate in the Spark or Bag It! sponsorship options.  Local businesses, as well as major brands can opt to be included on the actual scavenger hunt, driving direct traffic to your doorstep or booth.

Everyone can apply to be a Thrill Sponsor.  Thrill of the Hunt also offers plenty of options À La Carte.  Peruse the details on our Sponsors page.  Chose one or a few marketing efforts that suites your marketing goals and objectives, and fits your budget.  If you have a better idea, give us a shout out to discuss.


Thrill of the Hunt will use a portion of the proceeds to 1) promote pet health, adoption and good pet practices and 2) donate to a local nonprofit animal shelter (no kill and in good standing) for each event in close proximity to the dog scavenger hunt.  Thrill of the Hunt wants to be an integral part of the community and help make a difference.

Family Fun

Thrill of the Hunt is proud to offer an event that everyone in the family can enjoy, including the family dog.  These pet friendly scavenger hunts aren’t a race to the finish.  Nope.  We encourage stretching your legs, shopping along the way, and enjoying the day with your beloved 4-legged pal, as well as your friends and family.

Suggest an Event?

Thrill of the Hunt is continuously reaching out to various dog friendly areas and bringing our unique themed scavenger hunt events to these communities.

If you want us to bring a scavenger hunt event to your town, or if you want to sponsor a scavenger hunt, let us know!  We’d love to hear from you and discuss your idea!   Who knows, we just might take you up on your suggestion?

Want to be a dog scavenger hunt sponsor? 

Great!  It’s easy, but the first step is to contact Thrill of the Hunt at and we’ll get back to you within 24-business hours with detailed information and pricing.

Become a Thrill Sponsor and join our dog scavenger hunt events!


Please note:  Thrill of the Hunt reserves the right to refuse any business sponsorship at any time. In the event, a scavenger hunt event is canceled, no refunds will be awarded but will be credited to a similar future event. Thrill of the Hunt upholds the family values of The Piper Corporation.  Sponsorship options and prices may be updated or modified depending on the theme & location of each scavenger hunt. Check with Thrill of the Hunt for complete details on specific events.

Did you create your very own dog scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Thrill of the Hunt exclusively develops and administers to themed scavenger hunts for public and private events such as team building activities, company outings, fundraisers and private parties.

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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