Finally, the snow is falling, at least in the western Pennsylvania region.  Now’s the time for sled riding and building snowmen and partaking in good old fashioned snowball fights. (Perhaps with a little bit more snow.)  The snow sticking to the ground the is the most obvious sign to retreat to the ski resorts for a little downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Most ski resorts offer many different activities, in addition to being whisked up on a ski lift, to come right back down.  Sure snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and such are all very fun as stand alone sports.  No argument.  But what if another dimension of interaction and adventure is added?

Typically, when you’re with a few friends riding the slopes, socialization is minimal.  If you go with a larger group, spending time with your friends and families on the mountain is next to impossible.  While hitting the slopes is a great pastime, the opportunity to interact with your company is not really an option.  It’s also harder to capture memories, when you have to hunt down said friends because they go their own way.  Why not bring everyone together, and combine the snow activities with an outdoor scavenger hunt?

Thrill of the Hunt combined several outdoor scavenger hunt ideas to consider.  Hopefully, you’re able to try these on your own, or perhaps have the ski resort administer to the scavenger, or simply email Thrill of the Hunt to assist!

Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt Thrill of the Hunt
Place clues along the ski slopes for a fun & interactive way to spend time with friends & family in the snow

Skiing / Snowboarding

What a better way to explore the entire resort than with the excuse of a scavenger hunt!  This does take a little bit of a recon mission and advanced planning, but totally worth it.  Here’s a tip.  Use the map of the slopes supplied by the resort, to be your guide through the scavenger hunt.

Create clues to direct the participants to specific slops.  Have fun with riddles and rhymes.  Example:
Your mission is to find the Girl
Now jump, ski, speed or twirl
Lost on the trial at the far side of the hill
Sitting at the bend, her secrets reveal

Answer:  Lost Girl Trail (Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, Pennsylvania).  About halfway down the trail is a sharp bend.  The perfect place for a clue, before the participants continue to the bottom of the run and get on the ski lift.  That clue could direct the adventure seekers to travel to the ski lift and look for their next clue.

A fun idea, would be to include a hot chocolate or coffee stop along the scavenger hunt.  Get a hold of the cafe in advance, and ask them if they would place a clue on the side of a cup, when the scavenger hunt crew arrives to purchase their drinks.  What a sneaky and creative way to supply a clue or challenge.  Make sure you instruct your participants to take pictures and video and post online.  Share the fun!

Please note, keep in mind the level of skier/snowboarder you have participating.  There’s nothing wrong with splitting the group to give some individuals a challenging run, and join the teams later on an easier run.

Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Thrill of the Hunt
Enjoy the snow, get exercise & have fun with a snowmobile or snowshoe scavenger hunt!


Usually, when renting snowmobiles, or if you own your own with property to explore, you’re going to follow trails.  Perhaps these are predefined trails or you make your own.  Regardless, there are more than enough places to build a custom scavenger hunt.

Make a survival type of scavenger hunt, by having the participants use a compass.  Yes!  Have them find clues stuck to trees, branches, stumps, anything exposed from the snow.  Use laminated QR Codes, so when scanned, it offers a direction.  You can even use a GPS mapping system on your phone, and give coordinates or even mileage/feet.  This is a great way to explore the snowy outdoors and sharpen your map skills.  It’s great to see who can really follow directions, and those that struggle.

A snowmobiling trip, which is usually void of communication with others in your group during the run, now offers interaction with the assistance of a scavenger hunt.  It’s also fun to have a reason to race through the snow to find a clue before the others.

The best part?  This type of scavenger hunt is perfect for families or adults of any age, since there’s little physical activity.  Let’s not forget, it’s great to get off the snowmobile and stretch your legs while looking for the clues.  The challenges are a perfect way to capture the day in photos and videos.

Cross Country Skiing / Snowshoeing

Take in the scenery, get some exercise and go on an outdoor adventure.  Similar to the snowmobiling scavenger hunt above, this is a perfect time to break out the compass or use a GPS navigation system to follow the clues.

Note, make sure you know the area well and you don’t take your participants to the edge of a cliff, or down a steep terrain.  Nothing puts on a damper on fun, like a bodily injury.

Wrap It Up

When any of these scavenger hunts are completed, a great idea for a final clue would be to include a relaxing horse drawn sleigh, or a gathering in front of a bonfire or fireplace.

Remember, the entire scavenger hunt doesn’t need to remain outdoors.  Nope.  Include a few warm stops inside.  If the weather is too bitter, have the entire scavenger hunt indoors at the resort.  Throw in a few challenges like, having a participant go outside and make a snow angel, while someone videos it.  Depending where you’re located, perhaps invite the entire family, including the family dog.

Participate in a ski resort scavenger hunt, or host your own!  Enjoy the snow & happy winter!

Did you create your very own ski resort scavenger hunt or snow scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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