Any event can be turned into a scavenger hunt, even during the winter months.

A ski club scavenger hunt?  Sure.


We’ve talked about a Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt.  Well, the ski club from the Park Meadows Country Club from Park City, Utah decided to try it out.  They completed their first ski club scavenger hunt on the slopes at Deer Valley.

The ski club coordinator, Steve, contacted Thrill of the Hunt to develop a custom scavenger hunt for their ski group.  The date of the event was for Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  Right in the middle of winter, outside!  How did it go?  Peruse the pictures below and you tell us.


It went great!  It all turned out great.  If you go on Instagram #PMCCTuesdayBluesdays you can see all the photos.  It went amazing.  You did a great job.  Thank you so much.  I’m sure I’ll use you again.  ~ Steve Maxwell, Ski Club Coordinator


The participants were to meet at the base of the Sterling ski lift at Deer Valley.  The scavenger hunt was to only use easy (green circles) and medium (blue squares) difficulty runs.  Upon completion of the scavenger hunt, the participants were to meet back at the base of the Sterling ski lift to leave together for other activities.  The scavenger hunt was to take a few hours to complete.

The group consisted of 60 skiers ranging in age from forties to seventies.  Thrill of the Hunt divided the group into ten teams of six.  Each team had a scorecard to follow along and answer the challenges.  Everyone was instructed to bring their fully charged smartphones to complete the social aspect of the scavenger hunt.

Thrill of the Hunt developed ten initial clues taking the participants to different locations on the slopes.  Each clue led the skiers to actual ski signs on the runs or ski lifts, making it easier to spot.  Each clue led to another clue, which contained a challenge and social interactions.  The challenges included trivia about Utah, the local area and Park Meadows Country Club.  The social interactions captured the silly and fun behavior of the skiers in photos and videos, which were all posted to Instagram.

Park Meadows Country Club Ski Club Scavenger Hunt Park City Utah Thrill of the Hunt 1-30-18 v4


To reduce the cost of the scavenger hunt, Park Meadows Country Club administered to the scavenger hunt.  Thrill of the Hunt outlined the overall flow of the scavenger hunt and supplied details and direction for easier setup.  Prior to the scavenger hunt, the clues, challenges and social interactions were issued to Steve for his review.  This allowed him to get a fell for structure of the game, understand the requirements and give Thrill of the Hunt a thumbs up approval before mailing out the package.

This type of communication and collaboration always helps to make the events run smoothly and ensure a successful event.

Social Request

Steve, the Park Meadows Country Club coordinator wanted to drive all the participants to the Park Meadows Country Club Instagram account.  He created a hashtag for everyone to post.  #PMCCTuesdayBluesdays  This action created an influx of activity on their Instagram and drew positive attention to the Park Meadows Country Club.  The photos and videos could also be used to promote future ski scavenger hunts.

Park Meadows Country Club Ski Club Scavenger Hunt Park City Utah Thrill of the Hunt 1-30-18 v1


Thank you Park Meadows Country Club and the ski club for the opportunity to work with your group.  Thrill of the Hunt had a great time building the scavenger hunt and we love seeing happy faces.  We can’t wait to get started on another scavenger hunt for your crew!  ~Thrill of the Hunt Team

Did you create your very own ski club scavenger hunt or snow scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

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