Holiday Party

Planning A Company Holiday Party?

Act now!  Make an end-of-the-year splash with a custom scavenger hunt.

There’s a lot to consider, but don’t go at it alone. Thrill of the Hunt has helped dozens of corporations and organizations plan scavenger hunt parties with great success.  


Ready or not...

We’re fast approaching the beginning of the fourth quarter.  What next?  This also marks the end of another year and a time to reward your team and motivate them to jump into the new year with gusto and enthusiasm! A holiday party, of course!

In today’s digital world, your brand and your team deserve so much more than a traditional sit-down dinner or the status-quo holiday party. It’s time to utilize the power of digital to excite your team, amp up your brand on social, and end 2017 on the right note.

Let Thrill of the Hunt build your company a custom scavenger hunt for your next company outing or party, at any location, indoors or out, with any number of participants.


Need ideas or Suggestions?

Click the button below and fill out the attached form.  We'll send you some of our ideas to make your event truly memorable and to get you started. 

Developing ongoing dialogue and engagement with customers to deepen relationships ranks as the leading external social strategy objective for organizations with more than 250 employees.


Results of “What’s Working US” indicate employee engagement in going beyond job requirements, feeling a sense of person accomplishment, pride in the organization and feeling a strong sense of commitment have all declined since 2005.


Formal / Informal.  Scavenger hunts come in all shapes and sizes.  Thrill of the Hunt can build you a scavenger hunt for a casual event such as a picnic, outing or an informal company party.  Whether your searching around a city, among a neighborhood, in a zoo or even in an office building, Thrill of the Hunt can turn it into an adventurous experience.

Did you know a scavenger hunt can be developed for formal occasions?  Yes.  Thrill of the Hunt builds scavenger hunts to address formal attire and upscale settings.  These scavenger hunts are more intellectually challenging and less physically demanding.  They can also be developed for increased socialization   These are perfect for sales meetings or holiday parties in a banquet hall or a similar formal establishment.

Special Requests.  Thrill of the Hunt offers the option of utilizing any supplied promotional products as part of the scavenger hunt.  Ask for details!

Sometimes, employees have limitations and are unable to participate in the scavenger hunt.  Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to include these individuals as part of the scavenger hunt, either as a helper to pass out clues and challenges or be included on the actual scavenger hunt, allowing the entire team to participate.  Tell us your special requests or concerns.

Employees.  Sometimes company outings include specific departments, offices or even the entire family.  Thrill of the Hunt can address those special requests and can accommodate various ages, including children.


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