The new year is just around the corner.  Sure, there’s the typical parties celebrated at all sorts of venues, inside and out.  But, why not add another dimension to these typical gatherings with a New Year’s Scavenger Hunt?  Then end the hunt with a big party full of balloons and confetti.  Perhaps the final clue on the scavenger hunt is the party location.

What ages?

Naturally, depending on the theme, the location and the complexity of the clues and challenges, if you can read, you can participate in a scavenger hunt.  This is a great way for the family to ring in the New Year together, or invite friends and neighbors of all ages.


For a truly custom scavenger hunt, add personal information regarding the participants over the course of the year. Example:  A new job or a promotion, engagement or wedding, new home, new accomplishment, expanding the family, or simply, attributes describing a person or their interests.

Make the scavenger hunt truly a New Year’s themed event, as well as an educational game by incorporating news worthy events from around the world.  Remember this doesn’t have to be about violence and struggle, incorporate, good deeds and human interest stories.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Selfie 11-15-14

Let’s not forget about blockbusters and Hollywood actors.  There’s a lot of trivia to be uncovered, and I’m sure enough drama over the year to build a pretty detailed themed scavenger hunt.  Do your homework and find out fun facts about specific movies or actors, perhaps those of interest with your group, and incorporate into the scavenger hunt.  Your guests will love hearing new information or even better, they’d love to be the one who knew the answers!

Let social media work for you.  Perhaps add a little humor with popular YouTube videos of 2015, or the most watched videos of the year.  You get the idea.  One suggestion would be to add a QR Code on the path of the actual scavenger hunt.  First the participants have to find the QR Code, then they’d have to scan it to display a selected video.  Maybe cut the video short before it revealed something, and see if the participants are able to say what happens next, before moving onto the next clue.  This could be a personalized video created specifically for the scavenger hunt.

Depending on your crowd, perhaps weave the answers to the scavenger hunt within your social media pages, or even the clues themselves.  Be careful not to hold too much emphasis on social media, after all you want your guests to move around and interact with each other.  Not to mention, if the WiFi is spotty, the websites are lagging, or not all your guests are smartphone and social media savvy, it could put a real damper on the excitement of the scavenger hunt.  Use social media strategically.

The most structured way to build a New Year’s scavenger hunt would be to align the clues and challenges with respect to the months in a year.  Have your Thrill Seekers start with January and uncover clues taking them to the present, December.  Each month the participants might need to complete a series of riddles, puzzles or some other photo/video clues.  Perhaps develop these to match each particular month.

Have your participants collect items along the scavenger hunt, as well as use social media.  The first item could be a party hat, then the next a wine glass tag with their name on it, and the next a champagne glass and finally a horn and streamers.  The key is to plan the conclusion of the scavenger hunt right before it hits midnight.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue 11-15-14


Sure the hard part about a scavenger hunt is the planning and developing stages, but don’t under estimate the role of an administrator.  Don’t let your guests down, and be prepared.  Have extra clues, in case someone gets lost or you had an oversight and it doesn’t quite fit into the hunt.  If you’re placing your clues outside, have them protected against the elements and make sure you have backups in the event one blows away or someone takes it.  (Yes, in public places strangers have been known to take a clue or two.)  Be available to answer questions and offer additional clues during the scavenger hunt.  You don’t want your Thrill Seekers to get stumped and give up, or worse navigate in the wrong direction to only be discouraged, or run out of time and not be able to finish.  And most importantly, do a trial run of the scavenger hunt to get an estimate of time needed to complete the course.  Make sure you begin with ample time, but not too much, and check in with your adventure seekers to ensure they’re on time and they’re going to finish at the right moment, before it turns midnight.

Indoors or Out?

For many individuals, this is the time of the year of snow and cold temperatures, depending where you live.  Can you host an outdoor scavenger hunt?  Sure.  As long as you give your party goers advanced notice, and encourage them to dress accordingly.  Just because the scavenger hunt is mostly outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t have your participants stop inside to warm up, or have coffee, tea and hot chocolate stops.  Sometimes the adventure of trudging through the elements makes for the best memories.

If you’re set on having your scavenger hunt indoors, that works too.  In a small space?  Sure.  Be creative and utilize your area as well as the people around to truly make it challenging, interactive and as an ice breaker, for those acquaintances.

Be creative and have fun with your custom New Year’s scavenger hunt.  Have a safe and adventurous New Year’s!

Happy New Year

Did you create your very own New Year scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

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