Ben making a friend on the ECHO Real Estate Team Building Scavenger Hunt by Thrill of the Hunt 6/25/14

Some of the biggest questions asked of Thrill of the Hunt are, “What occasions are good for a scavenger hunt?” and “How can I incorporate a scavenger hunt into my event?”

You know what I say?  Every occasion is the perfect reason to host a scavenger hunt!  Truly!  Over the years, Thrill of the Hunt has been a part of some really fun events.  We’ve also had great ideas regarding functions that would be perfect to include a scavenger hunt.  For your convenience and easy reference, we separated them into categories listed below.  A complete list can be found on our Party Ideas page.  Let us know if you have any additional ideas to add to our list.

Scavenger hunts depend on two major aspects to making it successful, how the scavenger hunt is built and the participants.

You don’t need Thrill of the Hunt to build you a custom scavenger hunt, just be creative.  However, we’re always here!

Company/ Corporate/ Business/ Team Building

Companies are always looking to engage their employees, reinforce company values, and build moral, while enticing the next generation of workers.  What better way than through a custom scavenger hunt!  Whether it’s a corporate outing or a team building event, a scavenger hunt can address all the requirements behind the scenes, even incorporating company values, mission statement, company history and products and services.  Such an event could be used as a milestone recognition or an awards program.  As per Marketing Charts 6/21/11, 40% of employees say when they do a good job, their performance is rewarded.  There you go!   Host a scavenger  hunt as a unique company perk or make it an annual event everyone can anticipate.

A few additional ideas for company scavenger hunts include a holiday party.  Yes, even at Christmas time.  Don’t the let the cold weather or snow scare you off.  Those elements add another element of adventure to the scavenger hunt, plus specific items such as hot chocolate, coffee or tea can be worked into the hunt to balance the theme.

Sometimes companies are looking to make a difference in their communities and neighborhoods.  A scavenger hunt is a great fundraiser for any awareness observation day or cause.  It’s also a great way to involve the company and employees with the community.  This function will place a favorable light on the company and its brand.

One last suggestion, use a scavenger hunt to spice up a sales meeting or a trade show.  Yes, scavenger hunts are a perfect means to educating your team or reaching your customers and prospects in a fun and interactive way.  Don’t be typical, stand out from your competition and really gain the attention on the sales floor!  Scavenger Hunts are a great means to guiding the participants to learn what you want them to, and move them around the floor and interact as desired.

Holidays/ Family/ Parties

Thrill of the Hunt hosted the SpyRing Scavenger Hunt in Latrobe, PA for kids ages 12+ 9/22/12

Like we said, any occasion is the perfect reason to host a scavenger hunt.  I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of bachelor and bachelorette parties, or a combination of both, using scavenger hunts as part of the nightly activities.  And naturally, birthday parties, for all ages, can be made exciting with a custom scavenger hunt.  But what about trying something new for your next bridal or baby shower?  Really?  You bet!  Turn the boring traditional gatherings into an exciting celebration, and yes grandma can most certainly participate.  Depending on how the scavenger hunt is developed, all ages can join, even the youngsters with the assistance of a mentor.

Did you ever think about turning your family reunion into an adventure?  Make it entertaining and educational by adding family trivia and family history to really personalize your next gathering.  It’s also a great way to encourage mingling, especially those family members who you might only see once a year.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, think about adding another level of challenge and intrigue to your Halloween party.  Or skip the party all together and simply host a Halloween themed scavenger hunt.  Who says you can’t scare your participants along the way?

Big Question.

“What if I have a few guests that don’t like scavenger hunts?”

It’s true, there are those out there who don’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt, or worse, they think they don’t but have never participated to really find out.  These uninformed individuals know they don’t like the idea, but have never experienced one before.  Don’t throw out the idea because of a few naysayers!  Nope, simply give them a job to do to assist in the scavenger hunt, or team them up with a very enthusiastic participant, to encourage the fun.  You’ll be surprised.  Once the trivia and challenges unfold, everyone, including the unenthusiastic will enjoy themselves.

If you’ve tried a scavenger hunt for your party or event, let us know!  We love sharing ideas and hearing about your own adventures.  Email us at  We want to hear from you!

Remember, Everyone needs to … Experience the Game!

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