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thrill-of-the-hunt-scavenger-hunt-infographicWhat is the difference between a public and a private scavenger hunt?   Thrill of the Hunt organizes and develops themed scavenger hunts open to the public with the purchase of a ticket. (as per age requirements)  These events are hosted in various cities, at select venues, at specific dates and times outlined by Thrill of the Hunt.

A private scavenger hunt is commissioned by a person, organization or company and is a privately hosted event.  Email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com to discuss your special occasion or event.

Suggest An Event.   Thrill of the Hunt just may bring a scavenger hunt to your backyard!

Thrill of the Hunt is currently organizing events for the current and upcoming year and we’re always expanding our reach.  Thrill of the Hunt is always looking for new locations and new ideas for themed games.  Reach out to us with any ideas, inquiries, and suggestions to Game@thrillofhunt.com.

Donations.  Thrill of the Hunt wants to give back.

As the popularity of our scavenger hunts grow, Thrill of the Hunt will continue to donate a portion of our proceeds for each hosted scavenger hunt event to a local charity or organization, specific to the scavenger hunt theme.

With our public events, local charities and nonprofit organizations have the option of teaming up with Thrill of the Hunt to raise awareness for specific causes related to the scavenger hunt theme.

Sponsorship.  Thrill of the Hunt offers affordable sponsorship opportunities for companies of all sizes.  Visit our Sponsor page for additional information.

What ages?  Most Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunts are open to friends and families of all ages, however check with the requirements for each scavenger hunt.  Some scavenger hunts have age restrictions.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Teams?  Most scavenger hunts allow you to tackle the game with groups of any size.  Check with the scavenger hunt details for requirements.  Some scavenger hunts are very specific to the number of participants per team.

Military & Veteran.  Thrill of the Hunt would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our military personnel and their families for their sacrifice to our great country.

Thrill of the Hunt offers discounts to those who have served and are currently serving in our military.  Please email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com to be signed up and added to this prestigious list.

What to expect?  Every scavenger hunt is unique.  All details for each scavenger hunt will be outlined on the respected scavenger hunt page under Events.  Thrill of the Hunt will also review the rules and regulations and the specifications to that particular scavenger hunt the day of the event.

Direct additional questions or suggestions to Game@thrillofhunt.com.  We’ll get back to you.  You’re also welcome to post any questions or inquires on our social sites.

Are all scavenger hunts outside?  Most Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunt events take place outside.  Check with each event page for details.

Come prepared wearing proper clothing including comfortable shoes, a hoodie or coat if needed, an umbrella or sunglasses.  Make sure to wear sunscreen and any other items you might need for an outside or inside event.

Weather.  Rain or shine, the scavenger hunt will go on and no refunds will be issued with a few exceptions.

Thrill of the Hunt will only cancel a scavenger hunt and issue a refund in the event of a natural disaster or as dictated by federal or state governments.  All participants that purchased a ticket will be notified by email, and Thrill of the Hunt will update the events page on our website to reflect the event status.  Refunds will be issued shortly after.

Photos and videos.  Upon purchasing tickets to a public scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt reserves all photo and imagery rights without further compensation.  This includes photos, audio files, videos and all multimedia files taken by the participants and posted to the Thrill of the Hunt social site or captured in the mobile App.  All images will remain property of Thrill of the Hunt (The Piper Corporation) and will NEVER be sold or distributed to outside parties.

App?  Thrill of the Hunt is working on our own scavenger hunt App for the convenience of our participants and to keep scoring fair.   Our App will make the scavenger hunt process streamline and organized.  Check back for details.

Do You Need Social Media?  Yes and no.  Thrill of the Hunt does incorporate social media challenges into each scavenger hunt to make the event more interactive and exponentially fun, however anyone can participate without the use of social media.  Without posting as instructed by the scavenger hunt will result in a loss of total points, but Thrill of the Hunt does offer prizes based off a variety of criteria.

Do I Need a Smartphone?  Yes.  Thrill of the Hunt was created to offer the next level of scavenger hunt experience through technology and social media.  All public scavenger hunts are executed through an App.  Depending on the scavenger hunt, sometimes only one person in the group will need to use the App, but this does eliminate some participants for prizes.

Please charge your phone prior to the scavenger hunt.  No refunds will be awarded due to a lack of device.

What Technology is Used?  Thrill of the Hunt combines a traditional scavenger hunt with technology to create a one-of-a-kind experience.  Since all scavenger hunts are custom, Thrill of the Hunt may use all or some of the outlined tools to making each scavenger hunt interactive and adventurous.  Check with each event for details on that particular scavenger hunt.

  • QR codes
  • Social media
  • GPS- mapping
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Facetime / video conferencing
  • Text messaging

Our hunts often include:

  • Rebus
  • Rhymes & riddles
  • Photo clues
  • Instructions, directions
  • Landmarks
  • Other participants

Contact us at Game@thrillofhunt.com if you have a question on a scavenger hunt or you’d like to share a suggestion.  Thrill of the Hunt wants everyone to have a great!