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Let Thrill of the Hunt develop a custom scavenger hunt tailored to your celebration or event.

What is the difference between a public and a private scavenger hunt?

Private scavenger hunts are commissioned by a person, organization or company and are privately hosted.  This could mean your event is by invitation only, or your hosting an event open to the public.  Some organizations might purchase a custom scavenger hunt from Thrill of the Hunt and sell tickets to the scavenger hunt as a fundraiser.

Thrill of the Hunt offers ideas for scavenger hunt occasions such as parties, fundraisers, community events, awareness activities, and team building functions.  Go to Party Ideas to see a list of events in which we can bring a scavenger hunt to you or let us know if you have an additional idea.

Thrill of the Hunt develops and organizes scavenger hunts open to the public with the purchase of a ticket.  These events are hosted in various cities, at select venues, at specific dates and times outlined by Thrill of the Hunt.

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If you reach out to us and suggest an event, we just may bring a scavenger hunt to your backyard!

Thrill of the Hunt is always organizing events and we’re always expanding our reach. Help us look for new locations and new ideas for our scavenger hunts. We'd love to hear from you.

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Interested in Sponsoring
a Scavenger Hunt?

Great. Thrill of the Hunt offers affordable sponsorship opportunities for companies of all sizes. If we're not hosting a scavenger hunt, let us know your interest, we may have a customer holding a fundraiser scavenger hunt who would love to partner up.


Below Outlines General
Scavenger Hunt Information

Go to the FAQ page for more information on our scavenger hunts.


Thrill of the Hunt addresses all ages and can build scavenger hunts that are family focused. We’ve built scavenger hunts for ages 5 and up to senior citizens. Younger children may participate in a family friendly scavenger hunt with the assistance of young adults, family or older friends.

Group Size

No scavenger hunt is too big or too small, Thrill of the Hunt can accommodate any number of participants and build a scavenger hunt to suit the group and requirements. Typically our scavenger hunts are built for teams, but sometimes there is only one team.

Military & Veterans

Thrill of the Hunt is sincerely grateful to our military personnel and their families for their sacrifice to our great country. Ask us about military discounts for those who have served and are currently serving.


Do I Need a Smartphone? Yes and no. Thrill of the Hunt offers the next level of scavenger hunt experience through technology and social media. Although, if requested, Thrill of the Hunt will develop a traditional scavenger hunt as per your requirements.

Social Media

Thrill of the Hunt incorporates social media to make the scavenger hunt more interactive and exponentially fun, however we can build you a scavenger hunt without incorporating social media. We understand that some folks don’t have or use social media for professional reasons. Thrill of the Hunt will not include social media for children under the age of 16 years old unless directed by a parent.

Photos & Videos

Thrill of the Hunt reserves all photo and media rights without further compensation. This includes photos, audio files, videos and all multimedia files taken by the participants and posted to the Thrill of the Hunt social site or captured otherwise. Check with Terms & Conditions for details.


Thrill of the Hunt offers administration. A Thrill of the Hunt team member will set up the clues and challenges, answer questions regarding the game, rally the team, provide hints when needed, and announce the winners. However, you can choose to administer to the scavenger hunt yourself. Thrill of the Hunt will supply detailed instructions for your custom scavenger hunt and answer questions in advance.

Surprise Package

The Surprise Package is an option we offer our participants during a scavenger hunt. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, or any other special occasion for a friend, family member, or even your dog, with the Surprise Package. Ask for details.

Want to Build Your
Own Scavenger Hunt?

Thrill of the Hunt created a step-by-step process to building your very own professional scavenger hunt. We've included examples and tips and tricks to creating a truly custom one-of-a-kind experience for your personal celebration.

Download or purchase your copy today!

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