During the planning stages of a scavenger hunt event, Thrill of the Hunt was asked,

“Where’s the best place to host a scavenger hunt?”

Good question!  Our answer?  Everywhere, well almost everywhere with a few exceptions.

The ideal scavenger hunt location is subjective.  Before planning your scavenger hunt location, you need to take a few details into consideration.

Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt Locations

Size of the Scavenger Hunt

The number of participants or expected participants plays a huge roll in the location of the scavenger hunt.  Granted, traditionally scavenger hunts are generally executed within a large localized area, although not always.  During the scavenger hunt, the participants usually spread thin throughout various areas as dictated by the clues and challenges of the game.  However, the pre and post scavenger hunt is reason to concern considering the space.

Our ideas?

Thrill of the Hunt suggests a local park or a key location like a monument or a landmark.  Many times adding in fun trivia regarding the location is a great way to kick off a scavenge hunt.  Keep in mind, many times permits and/or permissions will need to be obtained in advance to use pubic spaces.  Is there a cost associated with these spaces?  Sometimes, but not always.  When in doubt, ask.  Be considerate and respectful, never use private places without permission from the owner.

If paying for a location is not within your budget, ask a local business to co-host the event or simply ask to use their facility.  Sometimes with a large participation, you’ll need a considerable amount of space.  Ask local and national sponsors to contribute to the price tag, either through monetary means, or by purchasing a booth and advertising space to offset the overall cost.

A restaurant or cafe is always a safe bet.  Again, call in advance to reserve your space and find out if there is a fee associated with your request.  Many times patronizing their facility, especially the day of the event comes with a no charge price tag.

If you’re a company, especially one in a cultural, shopping or downtown area, then use your facility, at least for the pre and post gathering.  That will save time, money and confusion in the long run.  To get out of the office rut, change the post scavenger hunt to a local social setting.

The confines of a backyard or even simply in a house are also perfect places to host a scavenger hunt.  Depending on how the scavenger hunt is developed, and the age of the participants, these could be perfect locations.  Be creative and embellish the area to give a different look and a new adventure.

Public or Private?

If you’re hosting a public scavenger hunt for either a fundraiser or a celebration, such as a town fair, city anniversary, college open house, then make the location very public and easily accessible.  Consider the parking, restroom amenities, and if the area is handicap equipped.  Also, incorporating the local businesses is a great way to involve the entire community and really turn the event into a celebration for all.

If your event is private, whether it be for a graduation party, birthday party or a corporate team building event, you might want to consider renting a pavilion or an area of a restaurant.  Depending on the purpose and overall theme of the event, you might want to adventure out among the public, if you don’t mind others inquiring about your celebration and lollygagging.  If you want the event very private, then choose a more isolated location.  Consider hiring security in this case.


Naturally, an unforeseen and very much uncontrollable factor with any event, especially and outside one, is the weather.  Summer is just within reach, meaning block parties, picnics, fairs and festivals and all outdoor activities.  Some events can’t avoid the weather and can’t be relocated or rescheduled.  In that case, Thrill of the Hunt believes the show must go on.  Encourage your participants to prepare for unexpected weather and dress appropriately.  Perhaps offer tents and specific areas to get out of the weather, at least temporarily.  Another nice touch, would be to offer incentives for braving the weather, such as gift cards or prizes carrying a heavy price tag.

If your event is smaller in size, then maybe plan a backup location, such a convention center, hotel, banquet room, company building, or any facility with four walls and a roof, at least a roof suspended in some form or fashion.

In the case of moving the meeting location, make sure there is no confusion with the new rendezvous.  Having it in close proximity to the original location is ideal, although not always feasible.  The most important part about last minute changes to the location, is to ensure ALL the participants are aware.  Thrill of the Hunt believes there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to communication on pertinent details.  Ideally, if the email addresses and cell phones were collected at the event registration then send direct messages through those means.  Updating the website, sending out a newsletter and updating the social media sites should all be addressed as well.

Where Shouldn’t You Hold a Scavenger Hunt?

No scavenger hunt should be held in unsafe areas.  Territories with high crime and violence, areas that are structurally unsafe, or areas prone to cause physical harm such as the edge of a cliff or deep in the wilderness.  Sure these could be exciting, creepy, and even unique places, but always consider the safety of your Thrill Seekers and their abilities.

Remember location is just as important as the actual scavenger hunt!  Think it through and have fun!

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