We hope everyone had a great time at the dog scavenger hunt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October, 8, 2016.  Make sure to join us next year!

dog-scavenger-hunt-pittsburgh-pa-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-8-16-v93Overall Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Congratulations to Rebecca Elder and her pup Mable!  Our very own World War I Flying Ace from the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.








dog-scavenger-hunt-pittsburgh-pa-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-8-16-v1Best Dog Costume Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Congratulations again to Rebecca Elder and her pup Mable!  What can we say, being a World War I Flying Ace does have it’s benefits.












dog-scavenger-hunt-pittsburgh-pa-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-8-16-v7Best Dog Parent/Dog/Group Costume Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Congratulations!  Adding a twist to a classic is good, taking a classic and adding dogs in costume for a dog scavenger hunt, hilarious!  Very fun!







dog-scavenger-hunt-pittsburgh-pa-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-8-16-v80Most Creative Picture Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Congratulations!  Charlie Kock was the focus behind this creative and fun picture.  Nicely done!  Did you shoot your laser beams at the car and shrink it?












Best Video Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Congratulations!  Mindy’s dog Felix welcomed onlookers in Shadyside.  That’s showing Pittsburgh hospitality!






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