A Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt is fun for all ages.

It’s official, spring is nearly over and summer will soon be in full swing.  People are partaking in yard work, gardens, exercising outdoors, vacations and summers events.  That’s a lot to fit into just a few short months every year, depending on where you live.  So what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

You change things up a bit.  Typically, April is notorious as a rainy month.  Even though April may have since passed, it doesn’t mean the rainy days have.  During these wet weather times, most people steer clear of the outdoors and find other activities to do inside.  That’s always a safe bet, but wouldn’t it would be fun to mix it up and have an adventure in the poetic rain?  Some may say ‘No’ immediately.  I say, hear me out and then make your decision.

Scavenger hunts may be executed solely indoors, outside or a combination of both.  Be prepared for your next rain date with an unconventional outdoor scavenger hunt, specifically focused in the rain.

There’s many different ways to create a rainy day scavenger hunt.  No matter which direction you choose, make sure to use the “rain” theme throughout all aspects of the scavenger hunt and really commit to it.  Granted, you can’t predict the weather, but if most events are planned with a nice day in mind, the same could be done for the rain.  You could also develop the scavenger hunt in advance and pull the trigger whenever the heavens open up.  That’s really being prepared.

Ideas & Examples

  1.  Clues.  Create a scavenger hunt with trivia based on the theme by incorporating music and movies about rain.
    1. Example:  Fill in the blank.  Now that it’s raining more than ever, Know that we still have each other, You can stand under my What?  Answer:  Umbrella  Bonus:  Who sang the song? Rihanna
    2. Example:  Who am I?  I choreographed a musical about 1920s Hollywood, I directed & starred alongside Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor.  Answer:  Gene Kelly   Bonus:  What was the musical?  Answer:  Singin’ in the Rain
    3. Example:  Name that.  The movie and song of the same name came out in 1984 and was written and sang by this Minnesota native.  What’s the movie and song?  Answer:  Purple Rain  Bonus:  Who sang and wrote the song?  Answer:  Prince Rogers Nelson a.k.a. Prince
  2. Child’s Play.  Use the weather to your advantage and don’t forget the best part about being in the rain is acting like a kid again.  Include challenges such as splashing in puddles, incorporate a slip’n slide, catching water in a cup and running through muddy or sloppy terrain.
    1. Example:  As a challenge, have your participants carry an object around in a paper bag while it rains.  The one who’s bag doesn’t loose the item wins a prize.
    2. Example:  Have your participants fill their rubber boots up with water.  The one at the end with the most water in their boots wins a prize or gains an additional clue midway through the game.
    3. Example:  Have your participants carry a plastic cup to catch the water. Use that as another means to give away prizes, offer additional clues or take those participants to another level of the game.
  3. Props!  It’s always more fun to include rainy day items.  Make sure to incorporate the standard umbrellas, ponchos and rain coats.  But don’t forget to have your guests wear rubber boots, maybe wear waterproof face paint.  As a team building activity, have the teams make their own water proof tops to wear and judge them later.


It’s becoming more common for cell phones to be water resistant or water proof.  If you have participants without those protected devices, maybe supply somesort of plastic covering so the phones aren’t damaged during the watery fun.


Usually there’s always a friend or family member or two who want to join, but may not want to get into the thick of it.  Have them positioned in dry areas snapping photos and shooting video footage of the scavenger hunt participants.


Naturally, we always suggest posting photos and video to social media, except this theme may prove problematic.  You could always have your sideline person post, or have other people stationed in specific areas to do the posting, as well as cheering from the sidelines.  And naturally, your participants could wait till they’re in a dry location upon completion of the scavenger hunt to begin the social media sharing.


Going through a unique scavenger hunt such as this one is rewarding enough, however, offering a grand prize (or several smaller ones), whether it be silly or serious, makes the participants really strive for the finish line.  You can make a trophy for the winner or get practical and give away gift cards, gift baskets or other prizes of interest.  No matter which direction you choose, have a blast with the rainy day theme.


While playing in the rain is fun, there’s always the chance it could be accompanied by thunder and lightening.  Sometimes the rain brings fludding and hazardeous road conditions.  We don’t advice going out in those dangerous situations.  If you have to stop the scavenger hunt to wait out the thunder and lightening, then do it.  It’s better to play it safe. It’s also a good idea to keep the participants away from frequently traveled roads where hydroplaning might be an issue.

Don’t wait till the rain falls.  Start planning your rainy day scavenger hunt now.

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