11. Arrange for an Exclusive Loyalty Scavenger Hunt 

Heather Piper, Co-Owner of Thrill of the Hunt

A custom scavenger hunt offers an adventure packed, personal activity with fun trivia and socialization, online and off. Not only does a scavenger hunt reward your customer’s loyalty, but it also gives you the vehicle to educate the customer and increase your store’s online footprint.

A scavenger hunt can be executed in many different ways. Perhaps you’re a online store? Then create an online scavenger hunt, taking your influential and loyal customer on a tour around your social media. If you have a physical location, show off your town or area by bringing the scavenger hunt there. Maybe your customers are present and wouldn’t mind learning about the area’s history, and possibly unknown secrets and unknown activities?

Be generous with the final prize, or offer many small prizes for completing a loyalty scavenger hunt. Whether the hunt is executed totally online, in a specific area, or a combination of both, share all the details in advance to maintain transparency and customer involvement.

Screen shot below.