This summer, dust off your old childhood games for some contemporary fun. Just add some expert organizing and, of course, your car.

Heather Piper, co-owner of Thrill of the Hunt, gave Quoted the details: “Thrill of the Hunt takes a traditional scavenger hunt and incorporates social media and technology to make it interactive and even more exciting. Thrill of the Hunt personalizes each scavenger hunt for team building events, fundraisers, corporate outings, educational functions, public hosted events and birthday parties for all ages.” Piper also told us they’ve “Developed scavenger hunts to cover a large distance, either for historic value, to force individuals to get to know an area, or to increase the overall challenge. This scavenger hunt could also include a road trip or an overnight adventure. Pile a few friends in the car and partake in a scavenger hunt!”

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