Let’s Talk Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt!

I know, I know a day late …. or in our case two days late.  This past Wednesday, August 26, 2015 was National Dog Day!  I truly hope everyone was able to spend time with their 4-legged pals and appreciate their furry sidekicks.  Being a dog owner, I know they’re an integral part of our lives, no matter the breed, age, or size.

It also got me thinking, now’s the perfect time to really show your pal what they mean to you.  What better way than by purchasing a ticket to one of our Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunts.  Great idea, right?  Yes!  It’s the perfect activity for the family to spend time together, get out and explore their own communities, stretch their legs and meet other dog owners.  It’s a barking good time!

Our dog scavenger hunts, a Thrill of the Hunt original, are really a lot of fun.  The Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunts bring the excitement of Halloween to the ENTIRE family, two and four legged.  I mean it’s only fair to include everyone in the celebrations, right?  Dress your dog in costume, heck join the festivities and everyone is welcomed to wear their Halloween costumes while walking around designated areas, figuring out clues, collecting dog treats and toys, and completing online challenges.  Did I mention, we give away prizes for the best costume?  You bet we do!

The Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunts are relaxed and simply fun and interactive.  The best part?  Our public scavenger hunt events are designed to promote small communities and quaint areas of the world.  We want people to explore their own backyards, so to speak.  It’s amazing how much is unknown about your own neighborhood.

Something unique to Thrill of the Hunt.  We give local business owners the opportunity to promote their storefronts through various advertising options that match any budget.  These “mom” and “pop” shops have the option to be a stop on the actual scavenger hunt.  It’s the perfect occasion to drive guaranteed direct foot traffic to their doorsteps!  Thrill of the Hunt wants to maintain the integrity of these shops and communities.  We’re doing it through scavenger hunts.


Eventually, as our Thrill of the Hunt events grow in popularity and participation, we want to donate a portion of the proceeds to local shelters.  Again, in addition to bringing entertainment and adventure, we want to give back in the process!

What if Thrill of the Hunt isn’t in your area?  While we’re continuing to expand our adventures, sometimes we need a suggestion.  Let us know what scavenger hunt you want brought to your area.  If it’s a dog scavenger hunt, keep in mind we also host the Dog Gone! Scavenger Hunts, which are more spring and summer friendly events.  Please note, your neighborhood will need to be doggie approved.  Sorry we don’t make the rules, but we try and abide by them.  If you reach out to us, we may bring the scavenger hunt to you!  Just think, if Thrill of the Hunt chooses your area, upon your request, you’ll receive free tickets to the event.  Email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com.  We want to hear from you!

Business owner?  We’re always accepting sponsors.  Let us know, we’ll send you options to promote your business.

We also do fundraisers.  Our dog scavenger hunts can be appropriated for your own charity as a fundraiser.  Email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com and we can discuss the details for your next fundraiser.

P.S. Over the years of hosting our dog scavenger hunts, one tip we’ve heard from our participants, is bring a friend.  Yes it makes the experience even more enjoyable and interactive, but it also helps with managing the dog or dogs.  Share the love, if you have more than one pup, bring all of them.  The more the merrier.

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