Thank you Mettler-Toledo AutoChem for participating in a Thrill of the Hunt team building scavenger hunt!

Mettler-Toledo AutoChem Team Building Scavenger Hunt Annapolis MD Thrill of the Hunt 8-17-16 v27Recently, Mettler-Toledo AutoChem wanted to hold a unique team building experience for their employees in Annapolis, Maryland.    Between the history of the city, the docks, quaint shops, and easily navigated streets, Annapolis was the perfect spot for an outdoor scavenger hunt, and Thrill of the Hunt was honored with the request.

As with any teaming building event, there are certain criteria that needs to be met and challenges to be addressed.  Mettler-Toledo had about 25 participants, which was a nice size for a scavenger hunt.  However, the majority of the participants were from out of state, and some were from abroad.  Annapolis was a foreign location to many of the team members making the knowledge of the area the first roadblock.

Thrill of the Hunt broke the group into small teams, mixed with locals and those first timers to Annapolis.  First problem solved.

To try and be fair, Thrill of the Hunt built the scavenger hunt within a small radius from the check point, focusing everyone in a central location.  This allowed the teams to overlap and be used for additional team building challenges.  In stead of covering a large area, Thrill of the Hunt developed more thought provoking challenges and social interactions for each clue within a specific area.

Since this was a team building experience, Thrill of the Hunt had each team work together to complete the challenges and social challenges.  In some instances, the teams were required to work with other teams taking the experience to the next level of interaction.

With any event, the weather is always a concern.  There wasn’t a rain issue, however, the heat and humidity were off the charts.  The participants overcame the sun baking temperatures to find each clue, complete the challenges, and post the social challenges.

Mettler-Toledo AutoChem Team Building Scavenger Hunt Annapolis MD Thrill of the Hunt 8-17-16 v72Ultimately, Thrill of the Hunt created an interactive team building scavenger hunt around historic Annapolis.  During the scavenger hunt, the participants needed to retrieve specific clues to complete a large word search as the final challenge.  The teams were permitted to work together to assist one another before relaxing at a dinner.  A perfect end to the day.

Some comments from the participants:

I really got to know this person way better than I would have if we had just sat in a meeting.

It was fun and physical and brain teasing.

Thrill of the Hunt also welcomes suggestions to make our events even better.  We continue to use technology and social media to create a one of a kind experience.

Thank you Mettler-Toledo AutoChem!  What a fun group!  You guys did fantastic!

To view more pictures from the group, visit our Gallery page.

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