September 26, 2012 – Thrill of the Hunt, a subsidiary of The Piper Corporation successfully launched their first scavenger hunt for children called SpyRing – Your Passport to Education, on September 22, 2012 at Legion Keener Park, Latrobe PA. SpyRing, the brainchild of co-founder Heather Piper, is an educational card game that reinforces knowledge and learning as the SpyRing characters chase down the Derailers. Thrill of Hunt takes the card game one step further. It combines the educational aspect of SpyRing with the fun and competitiveness of a scavenger hunt game.

Local children enjoyed a fun day of activities that allowed them to reinforce knowledge gained in the classroom in a fun and competitive environment. As part of the inaugural launch, Thrill of the Hunt donated all proceeds to Legion Keener Park to help rebuild Legion Keener’s Playland that was destroyed by vandals earlier this year.

Thrill of the Hunt organizes unique themed scavenger hunts. Combining pop culture, books, movies, musical artists, etc. and creating a physical and mental challenginggame… a scavenger hunt! Thrill of the Hunt is educational, interactive, and fun for all ages!

Thrill of the Hunt is always organizing new scavenger hunts. Additional details on Thrill of the Hunt and future events can be found at or email us at about the SpyRing game, character biographies, to purchase cards, and SpyRing gear, can be found at SpyRing is working on additional products to add to their portfolio including an online interactive game, a board game, and fiction books. For additional information on current and present scavenger hunts email us at or send your inquiry to the address below.Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ThrillofHunt. Thrill of the Hunt – Experience the Game!

About The Piper Corporation

Incorporated in 2011, in Virginia, in the United States of America, The Piper Corporation is a catholic founded company focused on education through various mediums for adults and children.Founded by the Piper sisters, Nicole “Nikki” Piper and Heather Piper, the Piper Corporation was built to spread the interest of incorporating education and continued learning with entertainment, all while supporting and encouraging family interaction and reinforcement of family values. From the ideas of Heather and through the support of Nicole, the Piper Corporation was established.

The Piper Corporation believes in the encouragement and reinforcement of a strong family life. With this belief, we feel that children will excel throughout their development and families will be strengthened, therefore increasing respect for themselves, others, and the environment. Coupling this lifestyle with formal education encourages the personal growth of the future.

The Piper Corporation is proud to offer our unique products and games. Our trademarks include SpyRing (, Aunt Heather ( and Thrill of the Hunt ( While each of these of products is unique in their right, they are all built on a foundation of education and entertainment to reinforce personal growth and family life.