Being the trend setter on scavenger hunts, we’re asked all sorts of scavenger hunt related questions. This is one has been asked for private gatherings, corporate holiday events and team building scavenger hunts.  The question?  How much room do you need?

To some this isn’t important, but it really is.  The size the area as well as your surroundings dictate the details and the direction of the scavenger hunt, in addition to the theme, the number of participants and so on.  While a scavenger hunt can be executed anywhere, we don’t need a lot of room, we do however need to know the specifications allowing the scavenger hunt to be properly portioned.  Properly portioned?

Yes.  Think about it.  If your scavenger hunt is in an office building with seven floors, you’ll most likely want the scavenger hunt to drive the participants around each of the floors to unique features or areas.  Although, if the scavenger hunt takes place in an office with one floor and only three offices plus a conference room, then the scavenger hunt will have to rely on more mental and social clues and challenges, as opposed to physical locations.  Sure, the game can spread out to the available areas, but it will need to be bulked up with more strategic clues and challenges, as opposed to covering distances.

Let’s not forget outside, beyond the walls of the office.  Many times an office building is in close proximity to a cultural district, landmarks or a shopping area.  Get your employees out of the office, in the fresh air moving about the neighborhood.  It will also gain your company some positive attention.

If the scavenger hunt is taken place in a ballroom or a banquet hall for a formal holiday party, then the scavenger hunt will need to be contained, not only for space limitations but for consideration of the dress attire of the participants.  The participants can’t cover distances in suits and high heels, or at least it would be a little challenging.  This type of scavenger hunt will again use the idea of the other participants as clues, which increases interaction.  Plus, brain teasers or social clues and challenges are ideal for this setting.

Some scavenger hunts take place within a downtown city area, or neighborhood.  This is good to note, so the scavenger hunt can expand and cover distances to increase the adventure.  In this case the use of public transportation or pickup services come in handy.  Thrill of the Hunt likes to research the area to uncover historical landmarks, special hot spots, or cultural areas to make the scavenger hunt unique to the area and custom for the participants.

So, how much space do you need for a scavenger hunt?  As little or as much as desired (within relatively reasonable distances, depending on time constraints).  Be create.   For ideas on unique scavenger hunt hosted areas, visit Places to Host a Scavenger Hunt.

Happy Planning!

Did you create your very own scavenger hunt, or did you participate in one?  Do you have a unique location to host a scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

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