Colleges, universities and high schools are celebrating homecoming or are planning to do so.  How can you engage the students, alumni, communities and families with this celebration?  A scavenger hunt of course.  We’ve discussed Enticing College Students – Scavenger Hunt Ideas and now let’s focus on homecoming.

Many times the homecoming festivities take place over several days and include many different activities.  Why not add a scavenger hunt to the mix?  They’re interactive, educational and just plain fun.  Not to mention, scavenger hunts are becoming the next craze and are popular with young and older participants.

There are several ways to approach a scavenger hunt.  Be sure to know your audience or intended audience when outlining your game.  Offering unique scavenger hunts for different age groups, interaction levels, and goals isn’t a bad idea either.

School Spirit

Engage your students and build a scavenger hunt focused solely on them, which has many benefits.  Besides the adventure and fun a scavenger hunt always brings, it can assist with team and school spirit, and interaction between the grade levels, and closing the gap between areas of study.

What better way to engage the different grade levels or even the students in the same grade who may study different disciplines.  Team them up for a scavenger hunt.

What better way to build school spirit then through a scavenger hunt focused on the school, the history, the architecture, the art, the details unbeknownst to the students.  Students really like knowing these facts that may not be common knowledge, but they will through a scavenger hunt.

What better way to build the school’s reputation and entice the new generation of students than through a scavenger hunt.

Social Media / Online Footprint

Guide the students to use their social media to promote the school and its activities, guaranteed. Through these online posts, if done correctly, will increase the schools popularity online, skyrocketing the institution to trend in a good way.

Keep in mind, this social interaction should be monitored by a designated student or school official to ensure the posts don’t go awry.  It’s also a lot of fun to see someone respond to posts, pictures, and videos and share those, independent  from the participant’s online social network.  That simple action will get everyone talking about your school, homecoming or even the activities offered, again in a positive light.


Sometimes schools have news to spread far and wide.  Either with the students, the professors, the alumni or with all of them.  Scavenger hunts are the perfect vehicle to get this information directly into the minds of those it effects, or those who are interested.  If your school:

  • Offers new programs
  • Constructed or dedicated new buildings or areas on campus
  • Changed up the curriculum
  • Added school equipment (science lab, art studio, medical training)
  • Would like to showcase a specific professor’s accomplishments (awards, discoveries)
  • Would like to spotlight a student’s breakthrough or achievements
  • Would like to highlight a sports team or VIP members

All of these can be easily added to the scavenger hunt.  With newly erected buildings, sporting fields or staging areas on campus, use those as clues driving everyone to that location you want to showcase.  Use the updates to the curriculum or new equipment as part of the challenges.  Ask questions to really engage your audience.  Then, make sure you share the good news exponentially by incorporating social media and instructing the participants to tell their online contacts.

Simple / Complex

Scavenger hunts can be tailored to the audience, and should be.  If your scavenger hunt is the highlight of the day, then build it to be really interactive, and lasting between one to two hours.  If the scavenger hunt is among other activities, then perhaps shorten the length of the hunt, allowing the participants to join all the activities.

If families are involved, create a scavenger hunt to incorporate all age levels and any number of participants in a team.  Keep in mind physical obstacles may be an issue such as steps, steep hills, or distances from point A to point B.  Concentrating the scavenger hunt to a specific area is a great way to overcome those issues.  Make sure to inform your participants of the boundaries to deter miscommunication.

No matter the goals with your scavenger hunt or how you structure it, make sure it’s engaging.  Homecoming is a perfect time for scavenger hunt fun.

Did you create your very own college/university or school scavenger hunt or did you participate in one?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

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