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~Established September 24, 2012


Kyle Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt Pittsburgh Pa 4-26-14 Fundraiser
Kyle administering to a fundraiser scavenger hunt in Pittsburgh, PA. 4/26/14

Thrill of the Hunt has been bringing our unique themed scavenger hunts to the masses for three years now!  Seriously?  Yes!  It’s amazing just how much we’ve done, and the recognition we’ve received in such a short period of time.  What a great adventure!

A fun fact, one worth noting for future scavenger hunts.  Thrill of the Hunt intentionally shares September 24th with Ryan Piper as a date of birth.  Technically, The Piper Corporation paperwork was established in 2011, even though Thrill of the Hunt didn’t get underway until a year later.  September of 2012 was a big month for Thrill of the Hunt.  We sold are very first private scavenger hunt, we hosted our first public scavenger hunt event, and that month we establish our brand, bringing the company to life.

Who’s Ryan Piper, and what’s the correlation between Thrill of the Hunt and Ryan?  Obviously being a Piper he’s a relation.  Ryan is our brother who passed away some years ago, Kyle’s dad.  See the connection?  Since September was our breakout month, I wanted to include my brother as part of the company in a small way.  So yes, Ryan and Thrill of the Hunt share the same date of birth.  It’s my way of including Ryan in our adventures.

To be honest, I got the idea from another event.  This might be silly, but the town of Forks, Washington, holds September 13th as Stephenie Meyer day, actually, they call it “Forever twilight in Forks.”  You know the lady who created a Twilight phenomenon, and brought a little unknown town to the world.  In the book, September 13th is Bella’s, the main character’s, birthday.  In honor of Stephenie Meyer, the town holds this day, and the days surrounding it, as a time of celebration, and to pay homage for everything the author did to their dying town.  I liked that idea, and wanted to include Ryan as part of Thrill of the Hunt in a subtle way, in addition to Kyle’s involvement in the company.

Dog Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt Alexandria Virginia 10-25-14
Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt (dog scavenger hunt) in Alexandria, VA 10/25/14

Another little known fact, that really ties this story together.  Originally, before Thrill of the Hunt came into fruition, we had the idea of a themed theatrical scavenger hunt, my sister and mine.  We loved the Twilight books so much we wanted to participate in a Twilight themed scavenger hunt.  I had a vision for this event, but alas it was never done before.  Eventually, we pondered the idea of taking a hold of our dreams and bringing them to light, in our own way, taking scavenger hunts to another level.  While, we’re still working on our ultimate goals and making them a reality, we do offer public and private scavenger hunts for all occasions.  In fact, we’re the originators of the dog scavenger hunts.  Thrill of the Hunt is also the only company who incorporates communities and local businesses into our public scavenger hunts.  We want to maintain the integrity of these “mom and pop” shops and these quaint areas of the world.  Yep, Thrill of the Hunt is paving new paths, and leaving our own mark.

Thank you for your interest in Thrill of the Hunt!

Remember, everyone needs to … Experience the Game!


~Aunt Heather Piper

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