Thrill of the Hunt is available to help make your next Halloween party as spooktacular as possible, with a variety of options. Don’t see your question listed?  No problem!  Email us at for a quick answer to your Halloween scavenger hunt question.

Q: Is it too late to order a Halloween scavenger hunt from Thrill of the Hunt?
A:  Depends.  Typically Thrill of the Hunt require 30-business days of preparation.  However, if you need a Halloween scavenger hunt in a hurry, we can rock it out for you.  We do offer rush options at an additional fee for last minute ideas and plans. You’ll still receive the same quality, custom scavenger hunt.  We don’t take shortcuts, no matter the timeline.

Q: I’m throwing a Halloween party for adults. How risqué is this type of scavenger hunt?
A:  Thrill of the Hunt can customize your custom scavenger hunt to fit your party needs.  If you want to add some spice to your hunt, we can certainly help out.  If you’re keeping it tasteful for a professional group, just let us know, we can add plenty of fun to the theme.  When placing your request (filling out the supplied form), tell us as much as you can about the participants, and our team will provide plenty of suggestions and options.

Q: My elementary school aged child is having a Halloween party at school, and I’m in charge of the activities. Should I choose a scavenger hunt for children, or an educational themed scavenger hunt?
A:  All of our children’s scavenger hunts have educational elements built into the game, no matter the theme. You could safely choose any theme, and the participants would also receive an educational benefit.  Be sure to identify the ages of the participants, and whether your party is part of a school event or a private affair, and our team will guide you the rest of the way.  If there are specific educational elements desired, let us know.  We’ll add them!

Q: I’m in charge of organizing a large corporate Halloween party.  Should I plan on having an office staff member oversee the scavenger hunt, or can someone on your team help out?
A: Anyone can oversee the implementation of the scavenger hunt, even a participant.  Our instructions are not difficult, and a quick review before the party should give them enough time to prepare.  Our team is available via phone or email to review the instructions before the party.  Thrill of the Hunt team members are available to assist with corporate parties, depending on the location and party date.  As long as we receive the right information prior to sending the package to the company, we can help to make the scavenger hunt a fantastic team building event for every participant, regardless of who is overseeing the details.  Information such as location, technology options, company information, age range of participants, industry focus, etc., this will help our team build the perfect scavenger hunt for your corporate event.  We understand that corporate parties are critical for networking, team building, and creating an atmosphere of fun and inclusion for everyone.

Q: How long will a typical scavenger hunt take at a Halloween party? Can we incorporate treats into the hunt such as candy?
A. typical scavenger hunt will run you about an hour to two hours. Our team can also build Halloween scavenger hunts for day events.  Again, if you supply us with details about your party, we can make suggestions based on our experience.  We’ll gather information such as participant age range, location, time of the party, and more.  By the end of the conversation, we’ll have a custom package outline, ready to go.  We can even incorporate other events into the hunt, taking a break for a meal, a presentation, or special announcement.

As for incorporating other details such as candy, prizes, or themed trinkets, we can certainly get creative. Again, we’ll gather the details from you, and make recommendations from our past experience with scavenger hunts. That’s the best part about Thrill of the Hunt; we have an expansive list of scavenger hunts behind us, and can draw off our experience to make your scavenger hunt an engaging, memorable one-of-a-kind event.

Q: Do you have any ideas for a super scary Halloween party scavenger hunt?
A: Absolutely!  Share the details with us regarding location and time of day, and we’ll get started right away.  If you don’t have a location in mind, we can look into partnering with a local Haunted House or turning a local restaurant’s party room into a haunted venue just for you.  Again, it’s all in the details; the more information you give us regarding your town, the participants, and the theme, we can make it happen.