Try something new and unique for your next fundraiser!

fundraiser-scavenger-hunt-thrill-of-the-huntStop doing the same old boring fundraisers!  Get attention and turn your event into a challenging game that’s interactive, fun and educational.

A Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunt can be held indoors our out, at any location, with any number of participants.  Our scavenger hunts are great for all ages, or as a family and pet friendly event.

Whether you’re raising money for your church, youth group, school organization, special cause, family reunion or any number of special events, Thrill of the Hunt will work with you to make your fundraiser a success!

How does it work?
Upon request, Thrill of the Hunt will issue the event organizer request for quote form, to gather all pertinent details.  Then, a quote containing an overview of the initial vision to how the scavenger hunt will be set-up and executed based on the input provided, will be issued.  If the quote is accepted, the Thrill of the Hunt team will work closely with the organizer to add the details and finalize the plans for a one-of-a-kind experience.

thrill-of-the-hunt-fundraiser-scavenger-huntHow much will I make?
Thrill of the Hunt will offer suggestions for the ticket prices and will work with your organization to price them appropriately, based on the area and your goals.  Overall profits will vary for each organization, depending on ticket prices and number of participants.  Thrill of the Hunt does offer the use of our website to promote the event, and sell the tickets. (credit card fees will be applied to the cost of the event)

How do I promote the scavenger hunt?
Thrill of the Hunt offers many different options for each custom scavenger hunt.  Ask us about additional administration, marketing support, photography, videography, and personalized scavenger hunt videos.  Thrill of the Hunt is here to assist in making your event a success!

Getting everyone excited?
Thrill of the Hunt will supply an e-ad promoting the event with details for the organizer to distribute via email, as desired.  Thrill of the Hunt will also add all photography taken during the scavenger hunt to our Gallery page, Facebook and Pinterest, allowing everyone to continue sharing stories and memories of the scavenger hunt event.

If you’re interested in a unique custom scavenger hunt, email us at for a free quote.  We’ll get back to you within 24-business hours, ready to discuss your request.  Thank you for choosing Thrill of the Hunt – Experience the Game!

* Thrill of the Hunt custom scavenger hunts require a 50% deposit at the time of the proposal acceptance
* Review the Terms & Conditions on all scavenger hunts
* Ask to see our references