Offer a Unique Activity
For Your Next Fundraiser!

Stop doing the same old boring fundraisers! Gain attention and turn your event into a challenging game that’s interactive, fun and educational.

Whether you’re raising money for your church, youth group, school organization, special cause, family reunion or any number of special events, Thrill of the Hunt will work with you to make your fundraiser a success!

Scavenger hunt development for fundraisers starts at $1,500.

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Night at the Museum was a spectacular success! Everyone had a great time and are asking us when we will do it again!  Thanks so much for your help.


~Robbin Zella, Museum Director and Curator, Housatonic Museum of Art

Everyone had a great experience!  It was a fun day for everyone.

~Mary K. Birkholz, Caring for Creatures


How much will I make?

Overall profits will vary for each organization, depending on variables such as ticket prices, number of tickets sold, interest and participation.

Once you pay the one time scavenger hunt development fee, you are not limited by the number of participants. You can sell as many tickets as desired for any price.

Thrill of the Hunt will offer suggestions for pricing tickets and we will supply suggestions for sponsorship opportunities. We'll work with your organization to help achieve your goals and objectives for a successful event.

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Incorporate Your
Sponsors & Partners

Don't let your sponsors get lost among all the event activities.

Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to include your sponsors and partners on the actual scavenger hunt for additional sponsorship opportunities. This option drives guaranteed foot traffic to a vendor booth/location for maximum exposure.

In addition, we also offer the option to incorporate your sponsors in the challenges and social interactions of the scavenger hunt. Through trivia, questions, multiple choice and social postings, your sponsor will be able to educate the participants on the company or reinforce their brand in a fun way, while increasing their online footprint.

Upon request, Thrill the Hunt will supply suggestions for sponsorship opportunities. Ask for details!

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Want to Build Your
Own Scavenger Hunt?

Thrill of the Hunt created a step-by-step process to building your very own scavenger hunt. We've included examples and tips and tricks to creating a truly custom one-of-a-kind experience for your personal celebration.

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Dog Event

Interested in a
Dog Fundraiser?

Thrill of the Hunt is the originator of the dog scavenger hunt. We've hosted public dog events and built custom scavenger hunts for various shelters and animal rescues.

As with any of our scavenger hunt fundraisers, we can incorporate your sponsors and partners into the actual scavenger hunt. Plus we can add educational information on your organization to further educate the participants.

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Scavenger Hunt Details & Options

Here's some basic information often asked about our scavenger hunts. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.

Group Size

Depending on the number of participants, Thrill of the Hunt will develop the scavenger hunt to be executed in pairs or in small teams for additional social interaction and as a team builder. Allow Thrill of the Hunt to outline the teams or administer to this process yourself. Remember, we’re here to help.

Employee Concerns

Sometimes, employees have limitations and are unable to participate in the scavenger hunt. Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to include these individuals as part of the scavenger hunt, either as a helper to pass out clues and challenges or be included on the actual scavenger hunt, allowing the entire team to participate. Tell us your special requests or concerns.

Length of Time

A standard scavenger hunt takes about 1 – 2 hours to complete. You may choose to opt for an all day activity, which Thrill of the Hunt can accommodate. There's also the option to have the scavenger hunt begin when a participant signs up, or establish a hard start and stop time. Again you choose. Remember, we're always here to help.


Thrill of the Hunt will supply detailed instructions to administer your scavenger hunt. However, you have the option to purchase administrative services, allowing a Thrill of the Hunt team member to execute the scavenger hunt. Then everyone participates and enjoys the game. Our Thrill Leader will set up the clues, give instructions, answer questions, and interact with the participants during the scavenger hunt.

Special Requests

Thrill of the Hunt offers the option to utilize any supplied promotional products as part of the scavenger hunt. Instead of handing out branding pieces, use them as another level of reward during the scavenger hunt. In addition, Thrill of the Hunt will also include any partners or sponsors on the scavenger hunt. Ask for details!

Marketing & Social

Thrill of the Hunt offers a variety of options for getting the most out of each custom scavenger hunt. Ask us about additional photography, videography, marketing and social media strategies and branded scavenger hunt videos. Thrill of the Hunt is here to assist in making your event a complete success, hassle free and memorable!
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Host a Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

Offer a unique, fun and interactive activity for your next event. Scavenger hunts are perfect for all ages and group sizes. Let the scavenger hunt be the vehicle to educate your participants on your sponsors and your cause through a game. Let's get started.

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