Scavenger hunts are fun. Even slightly addictive –remember Pokѐmon Go and how some people just had  to catch ‘em all? Scavenger hunts can take place anywhere too, indoors, outdoors and even online. The first online hunt being way back in 1992 and developed by Rick Gates to encourage people to explore online resources. Involving the collection of a list of items, solving puzzles or performing various tasks, hunts can have prizes for the first person or team finish first while others just offer the thrill of the chase and glory of getting to the end successfully. Whichever type you’re planning to participate in, below are five reasons to say yes to a scavenger hunt.

Traditional fun and games

Before we get into the benefits, let’s take a brief look at the history of scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts originated as a traditional folk game that was popularized in the 1920’s by Elsa Maxwell and her famous parties. These spawned stories of ferocious swans and accusations of theft by the French Navy. A little less controversial, but just as much fun is the University of Chicago scavenger hunt. Their city wide scavenger hunts take place every May and have done since 1987. Involving each dorm, tales of lions, nuclear reactors and beard growing add a little spice to student’s lives and bring these groups together to form bonds that can last a lifetime.

A new perspective

Many scavenger hunts are an outdoor affair, requiring participants to travel far and wide in search for clues and answers to puzzles. In order to figure out the next steps, or find the right items, you’ll have to view the world with new eyes. Questions that ask you to find something that’s not sharp, despite having thousands of blades, makes you look at grass in a whole new light.

Team work makes the dream work

A great scavenger hunt gets everyone involved to figure out the answers to the riddles and collect the right item for the answer. The competition of playing against other teams encourages communication and strong bonds between team mates, making scavenger hunts ideal team building exercises.


Scavenger hunts come in so many varieties. Collecting designated items, taking photos or even videos of specified locations or tasks, figuring out riddles or adding additional rules such as ‘The Apprentice’ style hunt that has teams purchasing specific items for the lowest possible price, mean that scavenger hunts never get boring. If you’re looking for a fun activity that will keep you engaged and active, scavenger hunts are worth considering.


Scavenger hunts clearly exercise the mind with all that puzzle solving and out of the box thinking, but they’re great for our bodies too. Getting enough exercise throughout the day can be hard. Participating in a scavenger hunt will get you active and it won’t even feel like a workout, although you’re guaranteed to sleep better the night after taking part!

Customize for all abilities

Scavenger hunts can take place almost anywhere and be as hard or easy as you like. Questions can be themed (math, nature, memorabilia), inspire the treasure hunter in us, or simply get us to complete funny tasks that give us hands on problem solving skills and build friendships and social groups. Try getting 50 people into a mini for a clown car photo and you’ll see what we mean!

Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages, easy to organize and the kind of activity that will create lasting memories and maybe even inspire you to seek something a little less ordinary in everyday life.

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