What Did You Want to Know?

Thrill of the Hunt wants to answer your questions promptly. We’re in the process of compiling frequently asked questions. They’ll be outlined below to better serve our scavenger hunt enthusiasts and future fans. As questions arise, we’ll keep adding to this list. Thank you for considering Thrill of the Hunt.

Still have questions? Let us know how we can assist you.


Nope.  All quotes are free of charge.  So please reach out to us and request a quote for your next team building outing, trade show, corporate activity or whatever event you want to make unique, interactive and fun!  It never hurts to ask!  We can also supply general prices for you to review beforehand.

Thrill of the Hunt will respond within 24 business hours with a form for you to fill out.  We’re simply gathering additional information to supply a proper quote.  The more details supplied to Thrill of the Hunt, the better the scavenger hunt will be tailored to your request, for your participants and your event.

Once Thrill of the Hunt has obtained all pertinent information, we’ll issue the quote via email, usually within 48 business hours from receiving all event information.

Surely.  If your total number of participants change, either increases or decreases, Thrill of the Hunt will adjust your quote to reflect the updated information prior to commitment (pending minimum number of participants).

Thrill of the Hunt will offer options in the quote such as administration, photography, videos and such.  These are only options and are not dependent on the scavenger hunt, unless discussed differently.

Thrill of the Hunt accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, AHC, or you can mail in a personal or business check.  However, Thrill of the Hunt will not begin your scavenger hunt without the 50% deposit and the signed quote.   Depending on your event deadline, this may or may not be an issue.

If your event is within 7 business days, Thrill of the Hunt will require payment in full before we begin the scavenger hunt.

Once you’ve reviewed the quote, if you approve it and want to proceed, send 50% deposit along with the sign quote to Thrill of the Hunt.

The signed quote may be emailed at Game@ThrillofHunt.com or mailed, depending on the deadline of the event.  The deposit maybe be paid via Paypay, credit card or banking account.  Thrill of the Hunt will send a link to make the payment online.

Once the 50% deposit and the signed quote have been received, Thrill of the Hunt will begin your custom scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Details

Thrill of the Hunt will build a scavenge hunt for ages five years to any age.  Younger than five years becomes difficult for the young participants to understand, and to keep their attention, unless working with older children or adults.  To include younger children, we recommend working as a family or group.

Thrill of the Hunt has built scavenger hunts for senior care facilities, even those confined to a wheelchair.  Again, these work best when teaming up with partners.  Reach out to us with your specific request so we can better understand your particular concerns and needs.  We’re always happy to brainstorm a solution to bring the scavenger hunt to you!

No.  Thrill of the Hunt will work with your specific requests. No matter the limited space or the vast area, Thrill of the Hunt will build an interactive and challenging scavenger hunt for your event.  All scavenger hunts may be developed for indoor use, outdoor activity or a combination of both.  Thrill of the Hunt can also offer suggestions for last minute changes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Contact us at Game@thrillofhunt.com for your free quote.

Yes of course.  Thrill of the Hunt always offers the option for administration.  Allowing Thrill of the Hunt to administer to the scavenger hunt, places the game in our hands and allows you to sit back and relax.  All scavenger hunt details will be handled by a Thrill of the Hunt team leader, from set up, to distribution of the packets and instructions.  Thrill of the Hunt will address and answer any concerns and questions throughout the game.

If you prefer to administer the scavenger hunt yourself, we supply complete instructions to do so.  Plus, we’re always here before your event to answer questions and review the scavenger hunt.

Nope.  When purchasing a scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt can supply detailed directions, allowing someone in your party to administer the game.  Thrill of the Hunt will develop the scavenger hunt to include your requirements and create a scavenger hunt with ease of set up.  Thrill of the Hunt can also be contacted with questions regarding the purchased of your scavenger hunt prior to your event.

Reach out to Thrill of the Hunt with your request.  All Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunts are not permitted to be resold or reused without purchasing permission and copyrights.  If the scavenger hunt is for personal fun, usually we’ll tell you to go and enjoy your game.

If you have any questions or inquires, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss.  Email us details to Game@thrillofhunt.com.  Thrill of the Hunt will assist with any scavenger hunt updates or material needed for the reused game.  Thrill of the Hunt will work within your budgetary concerns.


NEVER.  Thrill of the Hunt respects the privacy of our online visitors and scavenger hunt participants.  All contact information gathered will NEVER be sold or used outside of Thrill of the Hunt’s marketing efforts.  For a complete list of our commitment to your privacy, visit our Privacy page.


Thrill of the Hunt combines a traditional scavenger hunt with technology and social media to create a one-of-a-kind experience, taking scavenger hunts to the next level of interaction and fun.  Try it, you’ll see.

Since all scavenger hunts are custom, Thrill of the Hunt may use all or some of the outlined tools to make each scavenger hunt interactive and adventurous.  These may be discussed beforehand.

As technology advances, Thrill of the Hunt will stay up-to-date and incorporate them, making our scavenger hunts even more challenging and fun.  If you have a suggestion for the use of social media or technology, email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com.

One or several of the following:

  • QR codes
  • Social media
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Facetime / video conferencing
  • Text messaging

Our scavenger hunts often include:

  • Rebus
  • Rhymes & riddles
  • Photo clues
  • Instructions, directions
  • Landmarks
  • Other participants

Depends.  Our custom scavenger hunts could be developed without the use of technology, especially depending on the age of the participants.  Often times, a child’s scavenger hunt is built as a traditional scavenger hunt, with unique elements but no or minimal smartphone usage.

Public scavenger hunts do require the use of a smartphone to participate in the entire scavenger hunt.  However, a participant without a smartphone or social media can participate, but wouldn’t be able to complete all the challenges, and therefore would be limited to earning prizes, but not totally excluded.

Depends.  Private scavenger hunts could be developed without the use of social media, depending on the age of the participants.  A scavenger hunt developed for a younger child doesn’t use social media.  Since our scavenger hunts are custom, this is an option to discuss prior to the quote.

Public scavenger hunts do require the use of social media.  Thrill of the Hunt offers a variety of the most popular social media to use.  All social interaction will be posted directly to a Thrill of the Hunt social portal by the participant, usually by using #ThrillofHunt.

Yes.  If the participants are instructed to post all images, videos and answers to a Thrill of the Hunt social site (typically Facebook or Twitter), the posts will appear from the participant.  Therefore, the participant’s followers will see the activity, unless the personal settings are adjusted.

Yes.  Upon signing up for a private scavenger hunt or purchasing tickets to a public scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt reserves all photo and imagery rights without further compensation.  This includes photos and videos taken by the participant and posted to the Thrill of the Hunt social sites.  This includes all multimedia taken by Thrill of the Hunt during a scavenger hunt.   All images will remain property of Thrill of the Hunt and will NEVER be sold or distributed without the participant’s consent. Thrill of the Hunt may use the images and videos for future marketing efforts to promote Thrill of the Hunt and our scavenger hunts.

Suggestions & Sponsorships

Short answer, maybe.  Thrill of the Hunt addresses all requests and takes each one into consideration.  However, sometimes there are permits and other legal issues that may slow our process, or hinder us all together.  Thrill of the Hunt may bring a scavenger hunt to a nearby location.  So if there is an event not scheduled in your area, please us know!  Go to our Suggest An Event page.  With enough interest, we’ll certainly bring the scavenger hunt to you!

Due to an influx of custom scavenger hunts, Thrill of the Hunt has stepped away from offering public scavenger hunts.  However, some of our customers are offering them as fundraisers.  Email us at Game@thrillofhunt.com if you’re interested.

If there is a scavenger hunt taking place in your area, either public or private, reach out to us!  Thrill of the Hunt will work with your business and offer suggestions on the best way to participate.  Visit our Sponsorship page for some ideas.  If you want to participate as a business owner and there isn’t currently a scheduled scavenger hunt event, go to Suggest An Event and tell us about it.

You bet we do.  Thrill of the Hunt accepts sponsorships, no matter if you’re located in the community or not.  We offer many options to best suit your advertising budget.  Thrill of the Hunt is always open to unique ideas and suggestions, so visit our Sponsorship page for ideas and contact us at Game@thrillofhunt.com.  We love meeting new businesses and working together!

Keep in mind, some of our customers our looking for sponsors for their fundraiser scavenger hunts.  Let us know if you’d like to get in touch.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt FAQ

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions specific to Halloween.