Companies are always looking for ways to increase their online reach, utilize their social media channels and work their talent pool.  How can companies accomplish these?

Try an employee advocacy program.

Incorporate your employees’ online connections and activity into the company’s social media strategy.  After all, organic resources can be the most impactful and show nearly immediate results.

*Did you know 50% of employees worldwide share something on social media about their employers?

As with anything, there are good and bad aspects to this type of strategy.  If not properly planned, executed and monitored than it can be disastrous.  However, if done correctly, the results could be nothing short of impressive and boost the brand’s reputation and online footprint with firsthand testimonials.


Good question.  Who should be involved in an employee advocacy program?  Short answer.  All the employees.  Realistic approach?  Begin from the top down or those seasoned employees that are social media savvy.  That’s right, start with a select test group to work out any internal or external red flags and have that team create basic guidelines and processes.  Sure, you want your employees to be real and genuine, but not free range.  They should adhere to specifications issued by the employee advocacy leader (see below).

Once the bugs have been worked out and the anxiety subsided, bring on more employees to the strategy.  Have department heads train their area or appoint promising individuals to test their leadership and follow-up skills.  This is a great way to give added responsibility and find your leaders to nurture for advancement.


That’s right.  There should be a single person spearheading the employee advocacy program.  This is not to say, other can’t assist but having a single point person makes for less confusion with approvals and direction. This person should outline the guidelines, monitor the online progress, give personal feedback, supply suggestions for posts, pictures,

This person should outline the guidelines, monitor the online progress, give personal feedback, supply suggestions for posts, pictures, videos, and hashtags and present opportunities for employees to post.


Getting started with such a program can be overwhelming and intimidating.  It might even be difficult to convince the decision makers to venture down this path.  Start with a controlled game. An employee advocacy scavenger hunt may do the trick.

Scavenger Hunt?

That’s right.  Treat your employees to a team building scavenger hunt and use it to introduce your employee advocacy program.  This way you’re controlling what’s being posted and it shows the company or brand through an interactive and fun manner.  Not to mention the scavenger hunt can be used as a vehicle to educate your team and in turn their online contacts.

*Forbes – 5 Ways to Grow Employee Brand Advocates

Did you participate or create your own employee advocacy scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

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