Try something unique for your next school function!

scavenger-hunt-seton-hill-university-thrill-of-the-huntThrill of the Hunt will build your high school, middle school, elementary school, trade school, university or college a custom scavenger hunt for any celebration.  No matter the venue, or location, Thrill of the Hunt has you covered inside or out, for any number of participants, including families.

Scavenger hunts are fun, interactive and best of all, educational!

Benefits?  Scavenger hunts are:

  • Ideal to build team/school spirit and comradery
  • Offer a relaxed and fun way to learn the campus or school
  • A unique way to lean the school history, culture, art and architecture
  • Vehicles to reinforce scholastic subjects
  • Activities for any homecoming or alumni event
  •  Extraordinary ways to involve the community and gain sponsors
  • Just plain fun!

Students – University/College
Scavenger hunts are a unique way to engage others of like interest, especially those in a university/college setting.  Build team spirit by offering an interactive and educational scavenger hunt around campus, either as a welcome event or as a social.

Anticipate the holidays!  Thrill of the Hunt offers great holiday scavenger hunts to help manage the students’ stress of college life.  Keep the students entertained on campus during Halloween, fall break or spring break, while continuing school spirit, unity and learning.


alumni-scavenger-hunt-thrill-of-the-hunt-seton-hill-universityScavenger hunts are not just for students!  Spice up your alumni celebrations with a Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunt as part of your next alumni outing including homecoming, alumni weekends or a holiday celebration.  Read more on Homecoming Scavenger Hunt Ideas.

Thrill of the Hunt builds scavenger hunts that incorporate history, school mottos, landmarks and everything your university/college is known for.  Spark a renewed interest in your alumni association with fun trivia during a custom scavenger hunt.

Any occasion is the perfect excuse to offer a unique activity for your appreciated alumni.

Students – High School/Elementary
Sometimes starting a new school or joining the ranks of the older students can be a stressful and challenging event.  It doesn’t have to be!

Let Thrill of the Hunt build you a scavenger hunt introducing the students to the school.  This is a unique, fun and interactive way to explore the area and allows the students to get acclimated to their new environment.  Scavenger hunts also offer a great opportunity for the older students to meet the new recruits, building lifelong bonds and school spirit.  

Perfect for families too!

Getting everyone excited?
seton-hill-university-scavenger-hunt-thrill-of-the-huntThrill of the Hunt will offers additional options to making your scavenger hunt event a success.

Thrill of the Hunt offers administration, photography, promotional posters and e-ads.

Thrill of the Hunt will also add all photography and videos taken during the scavenger hunt to our Gallery section of our website, Facebook and Pinterest, allowing everyone to continue sharing stories and memories of the scavenger hunt event.

If you’re interested in a unique custom scavenger hunt, email us at for a free quote.  We’ll get back to you within 24-business hours, ready to discuss your request.

Thank you for considering Thrill of the Hunt – Experience the Game!

* Thrill of the Hunt  requires a 50% deposit at the time of the proposal acceptance and the remainder due the day of the event.
* Review our Terms & Conditions page for payment details and usage of multimedia.