Easter is right around the corner, and Easter egg hunts are in full swing.

Most Easter egg hunts use those multicolored plastic eggs, filled with candy or even a little cold hard cash.  You know the drill, the adults hide the eggs, depending on the age of the children dictates the placement of said treasures, and the children equipped with baskets in hand are given the green light to dash in a frenzy, within a designated area, to retrieve their earnings.  Now, how do you add a little bit of adventure to this typical event?  Easy, you turn it into a scavenger hunt!


What if this event was sponsored by a special cause or organization?  Wouldn’t the Easter egg hunt be the perfect time to turn this event into a fun learning experience?


Easy, use the eggs to contain trivia or educational questions.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let the children partake in the typical egg hunt, but instead of collecting treats, at least not right away, have the kids work for the goodies, through a fun scavenger hunt.  Once the trivia or questions have been accumulated, have the children read the trivia or answer the contents of the egg.  This is a multi-beneficial approach.  It’s great reading practice and hopefully the child will learn something.  It’s also an opportunity for the parents to be involved and assist their children to work as a family.  Then, upon completion of the trivia or challenges, give the child a treat.  Not all eggs have to contain information.  Change it up and surprise them with stickers, a few silver coins, or perhaps candy.

Turn the event into a team building activity.  Have the kids work together to answer the questions, follow directions and complete challenges.  Make sure you reward everyone!  A team of four children working on one egg is worth a reward for all involved.

Entice the participants with a grand prize at the end.  Whether it be a grocery bag full of candy and fruit, or a gift card of some sort.  Personally, Thrill of the Hunt suggests an age appropriate book series, or a single book, perhaps signed by the author.  A cookbook of fun milkshake recipes or cookie recipes might be a nice prize for the family to do together.  Gift baskets are always well received, as well as tickets to the movies, a gift certificate to a math camp, Lego camp, gym, or another educational or fitness function.  A ticket to a Thrill of the Hunt scavenger hunt, such as our dog scavenger hunts make great gifts too!

Older Children

There’s an awkward age when the child is too old to be really interested in the egg hunt especially with the smaller children, yet too young to skip the event altogether.  What to do?

Thrill of the hunt suggests to step up the Easter egg hunt with a scavenger hunt!  Really make the Easter activity unique and have the kids find eggs filled with clues, leading them to the next, and the next.  Depending on the age of the children, incorporating smartphones and social media is a nice touch.  Throw in a few online challenges such as a video of the participants trying to juggle the eggs, or a photo of the egg on someone’s head or balanced on their noses, or simply have the scavenger hunt enthusiasts post their trivia or clues online, asking for assistance from their online friends, when needed.

Similar to the idea above, a scavenger hunt egg hunt is the perfect opportunity to turn the event into a team building experience, or even a “get to know you better” theme.  Break up the kids into teams of two or smaller groups.  Hint:  Try to divide the kids evenly, considering age and educational level.  It might be a nice time to separate the friends so everyone gets to know each other and work together.

Adults / Family

A lot of the times the parents, guardians or adults are on the sideline watching the children bouncing around like bunnies.  Sure, that’s a lot of fun too.  However, being consumed with hectic busy lives on an every day basis, it might be a nice time to unplug, and participate in an Easter egg scavenger hunt with the entire family.

Keep it social and keep it adventurous by planning an event with multiple families, or have the children against the adults.  Whatever is decided, do it together as a team, and it will be a guaranteed success.


Indoors our out, these scavenger hunt ideas can be executed anywhere, depending on your location and the weather.  Change it up with a partial indoor and a partial outdoor scavenger hunt.  Consider a historic area, or one engrossed in simple nature.  Places to Host a Scavenger Hunt

Participate in an Easter egg scavenger hunt!  Remember, it’s spring too.  A spring scavenger hunt is not a bad way to use the ideas above.  Team Building Scavenger Hunt/Spring Scavenger Hunt

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