Companies of all sizes are trying to get your attention.  Either through television and radio ads, online ads, white papers, or website content, the marketing efforts go on and on.  Let’s focus on one part of marketing that roughly two-thirds of small and mid sized businesses are using at least four times a year, marketing videos.

What is a Marketing Video?

Marketing videos are another visually dynamic way to market to a brand, company or product.  A survey sited on MarketingCharts (June 3, 2016) stated that about 50% of the respondents favored how-to/education videos and about 43% used product service/overview videos as the next common type of marketing video.  Other videos include brand storytelling, virtual tours, customer testimonials and event promotion/recap.

According to the same survey, 84% say Millennials are more likely to use social media than invest in print advertising.  Not really surprising since Millennials are known all too well for their tech savvy nature and their online social connection.  It would make sense they would naturally use what they know.  In fact,

Millennials are 136% more likely than baby boomers to create videos for social media.

It’s also argued that, Millennials are driving a shift in the media mix.

The report states that “Millennials know how to find audiences for their story”, while “Baby Boomers hope to find an audience”.

The different impacts of “know how to” and “hope to” speak to the effectiveness of the younger workforce on social media, specifically marketing videos.  Reaching both sides of the spectrum,  58% of the Millennials are using the videos through story telling, while on the opposite side, 61% of the Baby Boomers are going the traditional route with product overview videos.

What does this have to do with scavenger hunts? 

This information shows the gap between the generations, who they reach out and how.  If your customers are in the middle or sit on both ends of the spectrum, guide your customers and prospects toward your videos through a nonthreatening game, a scavenger hunt.


Easy.  There’s an infinite number of ways to use your marketing videos, besides their intended cause.  Why not re-purpose your marketing efforts, gain brand recognition and increase your online footprint by incorporating an online marketing video scavenger hunt?


If you’re considering making new marketing videos or updating your current video library, plan to be a little more strategic, again in addition to the videos’ intended use.  Whether they’re a How To, Instructional, or a Branding Video, plant an Easter egg or two in each production.  Add something to the background, foreground, content, or props to be later used in a scavenger hunt.  It could be hiding in plain site, or something subtle only found if really looking for the secret clue.


Think about this idea on a bigger picture.  If you planted Easter eggs and secret clues within your marketing videos, this opens an opportunity for you to create an online scavenger hunt for your clients, customer and prospects.  Not only is this a fun and interactive way to engage them, but it will also guide these individuals toward your marketing efforts to learn more about your company, products or services.

Did we also mention with increased traffic to your social sites, you also increase your online footprint?  Make sure to address your SEO to really get the most out of your efforts and ensure all links are working properly.

Just a thought.  As part of the scavenger hunt, you can instruct the participant to share a video on specific social sites, comment or like a video.  This might also be a good time to get their feedback on the content, the product or the brand.  Think about adding a survey as part of the scavenger hunt.


Perhaps your goal isn’t to engage or educate your customers and prospects.   Maybe your immediate goals are to train and educate your employees, especially your sales team.  Create a scavenger hunt using only your marketing videos, forcing the employees to review, listen and understand the content to find the clues to complete the scavenger hunt.  Proceeding in this manner will also help with your online brand recognition.  Driving traffic to your online videos bumps up your views and increases your online footprint, instantly.

Previously Developed Marketing Videos

What if you have an entire library containing various types of marketing videos?  Use them!  As long as the information is still current and accurate, review the material and information and outline secret clues associated with each video.  Combine these clues and challenges for your very own custom marketing video scavenger hunt.  A scavenger hunt contest designed for clients and prospects for either educational purposes, to increase your online footprint, or to train and re-train employees, could have exponential benefits for the company, the brand and overall exposure.

Outdated Videos

If the video is outdated, update your company and take the time and expense to refresh the piece or complete redesign it.  You should be driving clients, prospects or employees to only current information and materials.

What do you do with outdated marketing videos?  Keep them!  Really?  Yes, they should never be deleted, simply archived.

Whether or not you’re one of the 1 in 4 Millennials who post a video to a company blog or mobile app, you can be the driving force to increase online traffic to your marketing videos.  The results?  Capturing and increasing brand recognition,  increased online footprint and you might give your company the reputation of a interactive, creative and inventive, all through a custom marketing video scavenger hunt.

Have fun with your marketing material and reuse and re-purpose those pieces!  Remember, maintain the brand and image of the company to avoid brand damage and have fun with your custom scavenger hunt.


Did you create your very own marketing video scavenger hunt, or participate in one?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

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