Thrill of the Hunt hosted our very first dog scavenger hunt in San Diego, California on Saturday, September 10, 2016. This was our first public scavenger hunt on the west coast.  Thrill of the Hunt is always expanding our offered events, and now we’re on the east and the west coast.

dog-scavenger-hunt-san-diego-thrill-of-the-hunt-9-10-16v7How did it go?

Excellent! The dog scavenger hunt was very well received from the participants and from the Westfield UTC Shopping Plaza who allowed us to use their facility for the scavenger hunt.

With any event, there are always hiccups and issues, to some degree. We did have a miscommunication with the scavenger hunt app. Initially, when the event was scheduled, Thrill of the Hunt was hopeful we’d be using our own app, however we were being overly optimistic. Instead, we used a third party scavenger hunt app, which was not conveyed properly to some.  The lack of this information did cause a setback to a few participants, but was an easily remedied. Once everyone was given instructions and sent on their way, the participants really had a blast, and quickly found the rhythm of the scavenger hunt.


Here are a few comments emailed to Thrill of the Hunt after the dog scavenger hunt event in San Diego.  See more personalized testimonial videos from our participants on our Youtube channel.

Wooohoooo…. we had tons of fun at the even and we get a prize!!!! what a day!

We had a blast!

Thank you, we had a great time!

Where was it held?

dog-scavenger-hunt-san-diego-thrill-of-the-hunt-9-10-16v5Westfield UTC was very gracious in allowing Thrill of the Hunt to use their area including the use of their Bark Park. Perfect!  Thrill of the Hunt not only promoted the shopping plaza with our event, but also their newly constructed Bark Park.

About Westfield UTC

Westfield is very accessible and a lovely area. Not only are the stores in close proximity without roads intruding the shopping area, but the environment is very appealing in terms of hanging out, relaxing and enjoying the shopping experience, or in our case the dog scavenger hunt.

Located throughout this mini holiday shopping resort of stores were sitting areas, furnished with cushioned couches and chairs shaded from the San Diego sun.  Perfect locations to stop for a clue, or kick up the feet and take a break and a make a friend.

They also have multiple artistic foundations with sculptures and mosaic tiles, giving a peaceful watery sound to the already relaxing environment.

dog-scavenger-hunt-san-diego-thrill-of-the-hunt-9-10-16v15It wasn’t brought to my attention until the day of the event that Westfield normally doesn’t allow such events on their property, but made an exception for Thrill of the Hunt.  We were honored. Not only were we given permission to use the shopping plaza and the Bark Park, but Westfield also promoted the dog scavenger hunt on their website and with the local stores.  A big thank you!

Is Thrill of the Hunt coming back to San Diego?

You bet! If Westfield UTC gives us permission, we’d like to come back to the area to make it an annual event.  We may also bring additional scavenger hunts to select dog friendly neighborhoods.


During the event, it was brought to our attention that several participants traveled long distances to join the dog scavenger hunt. Wonderful. We listened and we’re going to do our best to offer at least another dog scavenger hunt in San Diego, or closer to Los Angeles.

We also had several Thrill Seekers made the trek from Arizona to join us.  That’s wonderful and greatly appreciated!  We’re also looking into bringing our dog scavenger hunt as a stop in Arizona too.

Again, every year we’re expanding our public events, especially our dog scavenger hunts.  We’ll research every request to try and make it happen. Plus, those suggestions come with free scavenger hunt tickets if we bring the hunt to the suggested area.

Please look for our dog scavenger hunts in other locations. If we’re not in your area, let us know! We want to hear from you.


In addition to Westfield UTC Shopping Plaza, we want to thank SolarCity and FACE Foundation for reaching out to us for sponsorship. Unfortunately, due to the rules and regulations of Westfield, we were not able to have them join us in booths, but instead they were promoted through trivia on the actual scavenger hunt, and throughout social media.

Next year, Thrill of the Hunt will offer different sponsorship opportunities for those interested. We will also promote the local stores to increase the interaction of the overall scavenger hunt. If interested, we want to hear from you.  Email us at

Join our adventure and be apart of building the newest craze of scavenger hunts and dog activities!  I hope to see you at our Halloween events!  Check them out on our Events page, they’re a hoot!

Take a peek at the pictures and video from the San Diego dog scavenger hunt on Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.

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