Thrill of the Hunt hosted our 2nd Annual Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt in historic Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

dog-scavenger-hunt-annapolis-md-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-29-16-v43How did it go?

Extremely well!  The day was bright, sunny with blues skies and perfect mild temperatures.  It was a fantastic day to spend time with family, friends and dogs of all sizes while uncovering clues and completing challenges throughout Annapolis.

We had a nice turn out of doggie parents and pooches.  Many Thrill Seekers were accompanied by multiple 4-legged pals of various breeds.  Our Thrill Seekers really embraced the Halloween costume option for their dogs, as well as for themselves.  They were very creative individuals!

Paws Pet Boutique

This year Paws Pet Boutique sponsored the dog scavenger hunt.  Our participants checked-in and registered at Paws Pet Boutique, as well as completed the final clue at the same location.  The participants were welcomed inside the store with their dog(s) for treats and opportunities to complete the scavenger hunt clues, challenges and social challenges.

dog-scavenger-hunt-annapolis-md-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-29-16-v25Ben’s Memorial Fund

In addition to teaming up with Paws Pet Boutique, Thrill of the Hunt also supported their charity, Ben’s Memorial Fund.  Thrill of the Hunt donated a portion of the proceeds from the Annapolis dog scavenger hunt for this wonderful cause.

Paws Pet Boutique has helped raise $7,400 dollars toward Ben’s Memorial Fund.  Way to go!

Ben’s Memorial Fund helps animals who are living in less than desirable living conditions.  Read more about the Animal League Defense Fund and about Ben’s story.  They’re always accepting donations.

As our dog scavenger hunts continue to grow in popularity, Thrill of the Hunt will continue to donate to local organizations in close proximity to the scavenger hunt, helping the local area.


Here are a few comments emailed to Thrill of the Hunt after the dog scavenger hunt.  See more personalized testimonial videos from our participants on our Youtube channel.

Thank you! We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next event in our area.

Thank you! It was so much fun!

We are so excited that our little puppy lobster Trixie won a prize on her first Halloween! Best dog parent/group costume!

Next Year?

dog-scavenger-hunt-annapolis-md-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-29-16-v37Thrill of the Hunt is already in the planning stages for the 2017 season.  We’ll most certainly bring our dog scavenger hunt back to Annapolis, in addition to other dog friendly areas throughout the United States.  When?

Thrill of the Hunt will try and keep this event around the same time, end of October.  Check back with our Events page for details.

No Dog?

One of the fun aspects of the dog scavenger hunt, is the mingling with other dogs and dog owners, however you can attend a dog scavenger hunt without your pooch.  Really?

Purchase your dog a ticket, however you don’t have to bring him/her along.  Why would anyone opt to do this?  Some dogs are difficult to control in public, especially around large crowds of strangers and foreign dogs.  Some dogs aren’t friendly at all.  Just because you can’t bring your dog on the adventure, doesn’t mean he/she has to miss out on the dog treats, toys, and dog related items.  Plus, many of our sponsors offer information on dog health and best practices that would benefit you and your pooch.

How Do I Participate in the Challenges Without a Dog?

dog-scavenger-hunt-annapolis-md-thrill-of-the-hunt-10-29-16-v42Thrill to the Hunt suggests being creative.  Bring a picture of your dog, a poster sized drawing of your 4-legged friend, or a stuffed animal to be used as a place holder for your pooch to complete the social challenges.  If you really wanted to feel as though you’re walking around with your dog, bring a dog on a leash toy to appear as those you’re walking your dog.  Weird?  Not really, we call it creative!

Join our adventures and be apart of building the newest craze of scavenger hunts and dog activities!  I hope to see you next year!  Check out our Events!

Take a peek at the pictures and video from the Annapolis dog scavenger hunt on Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.  Peruse our past dog scavenger hunts and other activities, too.

Did you create your own dog scavenger hunt or did you participate in a dog scavenger?  Share your story with us!

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