Dancing Dog Natural Market sponsored the Dog Gone! Scavenger Hunt
Winchester, Virginia 2015, 2016

We decided to open up a natural pet market in Winchester, Virginia because we live here and have to drive at least 20-40 miles to find a store that sells natural pet solutions for our dog, Dixie.

Dixie was born in 2002. Her health has always been very important to us. We have seen animals suffer needlessly due to the food and treats they eat. Dixie has eaten natural dog food and treats see 2006. Then in 2009 she was diagnosed with chronic Pancreatitis. Her pancreas does not process fats well. Keeping her healthy became even more important to us.We began reading labels very closely. After looking more closely at the labels some “healthy” dog food and treats have fillers. We spent a long searching for low-fat healthy food that is affordable for Dixie. We found many healthy dog foods and treats to be expensive. We have made the investment because she is our “lil girl”. Due to her high quality diet, she has never had another flare-up. She is now an active 11 years old dog.

We know many of our friends and family members are also searching for natural pet solutions for their dogs and cats that fits their budget. So, we decided to open Dancing Dog Natural Market in Winchester, Virginia.

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