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Creative Power Session

Need Guidance with
Your Scavenger Hunt
or Event?

The Creative Power Session is a consultation.

Let us know. We can help. Take advantage of our years of experience in event planning and scavenger hunt development with these affordable consultation services.

Thrill of the Hunt will brainstorm ideas and get you started planning your event or scavenger hunt. We can also assist with certain aspects of your activity to keep you moving in the right direction . We'll review your goals and objects and your requests and specifications and supply a few ideas of our own.

Please note, Thrill of the Hunt will not plan the event or build the scavenger hunt for you, unless requested. Instead, we’ll move you in the right direction with your scavenger hunt or event for a professionally organized activity.

Let's Get Started!

Let Us Give Our Professional Advice

Depending on the type of event or scavenger hunt you’re planning and your goals and objectives (if outlined), the Creative Power Session may include one or several items.

Goals & Objectives

  • Goals & objectives 
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Working with volunteers 
  • Team building and company outing activities 
  • Permits
  • Location and venue ideas
  • Dog events
  • Anything event planning & more…

Marketing & Social Media

  • Marketing & creative ideas 
  • Signage 
  • Social media interaction
  • Trade Show marketing support
  • Ideas for clue types, challenges & social interactions
  • Theme options
  • Team size suggestions and fun ideas to create teams
  • Anything creative & more…

ROI & Tracking

  • ROI tool suggestions to quantify your event
  • Social media tracking tools and best practices 
  • Sponsorship strategy and follow up   
  • Ticket pricing and other creative options
  • Third party vendors and resources for various needs
  • Post event strategy  
  • Anything the bottom line & more…

Why Sign-Up for a
Creative Power Session?

Planning any event, whether it’s a fundraiser, team building activity or a personal celebration, has a lot of moving parts.  Having a second set of eyes on the event details is great for your peace of mind. 

During the consultation, Thrill of the Hunt will call out potential roadblocks and discuss the direction of your event, plus we’ll give you fresh ideas and suggestions.  We’ll get you started or take you over the finish line.  Use our expertise to benefit your event and scavenger hunt development.


What's Included?

Team Members

We suggest a few key players in the consultation, but there’s no limit to the number of participants joining.  However, there may be a limited number of conference lines available.

Online Meeting

Our sessions are executed through a GoToMeeting, Skype or a conference line. If you have a preference, we’ll try to accommodate.  We also offer Face-to-Face Sessions.

*English speaking

Come Prepared

To use your time efficiently, Thrill of the Hunt will review the material to be prepared for the meeting.  Come to the meeting with questions, ideas to discuss, status of your event or any details pertinent to the meeting.


How to Get Started

Select from one of our outlined sessions that best aligns with your needs.  Not sure which option is best for you?  Email us at and we can point you in the right direction.  Most groups that sign-up for a Creative Power Session choose a Half Day or a Full Day, but Thrill of the Hunt has other options to work within your timeframe and budget.  Many times a Full Day Session is needed, in addition to the Express Session (2-hour).

Prior to our Creative Power Session, Thrill of the Hunt will reach out to gather pertinent information to better prepare and to be as efficient with your time as possible.

3 Easy Steps

Select a Session

How long would you like to meet? Reach out to us with your preference. If you need some guidance selecting a consultation block of time, let us know.

Pick a Date

Choose a date and time (Mon-Fri 8:00 am EST - 5:00 pm EST) that works with your team. We'll do our best to accommodate you. If we can't make it work, we'll offer additional options.

Pay Online

Once the chosen session has been agreed upon, Thrill of the Hunt will send you a quote to pay online. We accept a variety of payment methods.

We Offer a Variety of Sessions

Full Day

$950 USD
This session is an 8-hour meeting.  Yes, come prepared to power through the day with ideas, creative suggestions or anything you need assistance on with your event or scavenger hunt. Brainstorming and alternative options may be discussed during the meeting. A half hour lunch break will breakup the day.

Half Day 

$550 USD
This session is a 4-hour meeting.  Perfect for those who need a little guidance or those who have a focus but need to finalize ideas and direction to get started. This session gives enough time to answer questions on the spot, brainstorm or review other options or other possibilities with your scavenger hunt or event.


$300 USD
This session is a 2-hour meeting.  Perfect for those who need their questions answered or a little direction in a specific area.  This session is a great follow-up to the Half Day, Full Day or Face-To-Face Sessions to ensure your previously outlined tasks are moving forward and to answer last minute questions.


$2,000 USD
Per 8-hour Day + Travel Expenses
Some teams prefer an in person meeting with hands on creative exercises. This session is only offered as an 8-hour session or several 8-hour sessions scheduled in consecutive order. This is a more flexible option and we'll try to accommodate your request. 

Want to Build Your
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Thrill of the Hunt created a step-by-step process to building your very own professional scavenger hunt. We've included examples and tips and tricks to creating a truly custom one-of-a-kind experience for your personal celebration.

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