We’ve talked about Holiday Party Planning. There’s a lot to consider. Now let’s look at the details behind a holiday party.

Here are a few items you might want to add to your checklist if you haven’t already.


Usually, a deposit and an agreement or contract need to be paid and signed in advance. Final details might also need to be addressed such as the color of linens, the final count, any special seating arrangements or multimedia equipment and hookups.


It might be a fun idea to build the holiday party excitement by circulating the menu with the employees or have a formal vote. Take note of special dietary concerns, allergies, preferences and religious requirements with your team.


If alcohol is permitted and the attendees are of the appropriate age for such beverages, choose a direction. You might want to limit to wine, wine and beer, or go all out with a fully stocked bar.  Then you’ll need to choose well liquors verses top shelf.

Sometimes a cash bar is an option to keep the overall cost of the event down. Those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages may opt to pay for them and those who don’t, stick with coffee, water or tea.

It’s also common to give drink tickets. The company may cover two drinks per person and if the attendee chooses to indulge further, they’ll have to pay their own tab.

Some venues prohibit alcohol, while others offer their own selection of alcohol, in which you’ll simply need to follow their suggestions and instructions for planning. However, if alcohol is brought to the venue, you’ll have to consider who’s purchasing the adult beverages and who will serve them.


Don’t forget to update your contact list and double check it to ensure everyone meant to be invited is indeed invited.  The list may also include vendors, partners key customers and possibly prospects.

We recommend sending e-invites to save on costs and to control when the viewer receives the invitation.  Setting up a landing page with a simple RSVP is a professional and easy way to manage the guest list.


To reinforce company culture, increase interaction and to add a unique touch to your holiday party, offer a fun activity. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming or extravagant.

Add a personal touch with a scavenger hunt. It’s perfect for formal, semi-formal or casual events.  Maintain company culture and spotlight extraordinary employees through a fun and interactive scavenger hunt.


Is this going to be a social event or is this an opportunity to give end-of-the-year stats, next quarter information or first-of-the-year goals and objectives?  You may want to spotlight a service, product, brand, department or merger that happened or will in the near future. This is a good time to inform the entire team and build loyalty and unity.  It’s also a great opportunity to rally your team.

If you require special equipment, outlets or staging areas, make sure to contact your venue and/or local multimedia service company in advance to make arrangements.


It’s common to use a holiday party to give thanks, reward employees and callout positive aspects of performances.

Reward those overachievers, those who accomplished company goals or exceeded those goals. Use the event to shine a light on their performance and let them be the example for all other employees.

Depending on your company culture, you might want to take the awards in a different direction. Sure you can be serious in the beginning with milestones and accomplishments, but you could also add a twist. Like what? Gag awards. Highlight the fun times throughout the year with zingers. While funny, also make sure to be appropriate and respectful and still maintain professionalism.

Promotional Items

It’s always a nice touch to give away company branded items. They could be as practical as an umbrella, a fun T-shirt or a stylish mug set. Price points vary greatly, giving everyone the opportunity to spread the holiday cheer in a unique branded fashion.

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