Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Thrill of the Hunt
Try a new tradition… a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Find the candy cane

‘Tis the season for Christmas and New Year’s parties.  Whether you’re organizing a company event, joining a family gala, hosting a reunion of friends, or planning a party for your organization or club, there are unlimited possibilities to making your gathering interactive and entertaining.

Like what?  Try something new this holiday season, incorporate a scavenger hunt into your festivities.  Really?  You bet!  What a perfect way to get your guests out of their seats interacting together than through a custom scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts are a perfect for party goers of all ages, with any number participants, and can be completed at any location inside our out, while using any theme imaginable.  Scavenger hunts can be specifically tailored to the participants, the location, the organization or offer a way to capture the event in an unconventional way, to be relived months and years to come.

How?  Through the use of smart phones and social media, scavenger hunts have really taken on a whole new look and reached another level of dimension.  This is not to say the traditional scavenger hunt is obsolete, but instead enhanced with technology.  Scavenger hunts can be completed using QR codes, photography and videos, video chatting, as well as traditional clues leading the participant to the next clue or to find specific items, or simply a combination of all the above.  Sometimes using your very own guests as clues makes for a truly personal and memorable event.

Corporate Events, Company Christmas Parties

A custom scavenger hunt incorporated into a work Christmas party, offers more than a simple activity.  Depending on the number of guests, it could be developed as a team building exercise or as an opportunity to reinforce company values or missions statements.  Heck, since it’s the end of the year, and most companies adhere to the typical calendar year with respect to financial goals and marketing plans, use the scavenger hunt as a vehicle to reinforce the objectives for the up coming year.

No matter the degree of formality of the party, business casual or black tie, you don’t have to travel miles and be dressed in sweatpants and tennis shoes, wearing a backpack, to enjoy a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt before or after dinner.  Plan an epic party with a scavenger hunt as the focus!

Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Davita Thrill of the Hunt
Davita Christmas Party (had to postponed until March) through old town Annapolis, MD

Family Gala

Start making new memories and begin a new tradition, one for the old and young generations, through a custom scavenger hunt.  Assign someone in the household the task, giving them responsibility and letting their creativity explode with the planning of a family scavenger hunt.

Have the youngster interview family members to create custom clues and challenges, ultimately revealing  family history, sparking conversations and inadvertently bonding the family.  Using social media will allow friends and family members near and far to join on the custom scavenger hunt.  Who says, a scavenger hunt needs to be played in person?  If you have family all over creation, utilize online tools and social media to create an online game to share the fun.

Put a spin on opening gifts with a scavenger hunt!  What happens when the kids get older?  The excitement of Christmas vanishes among the hustle and bustle of life.  Not to mention, appreciation for gift giving looses its luster.  Bring back excitement and family adventure with a Christmas Gift Exchange scavenger hunt.  Don’t let the kids get off as easily as finding their gifts under the tree and throwing the wrapping paper around.  Take it a step further and make them work for their Christmas gift.  Hint:  You can also throw in fun holiday facts and learning lessons as part of the scavenger hunt to keep the true meaning of Christmas.

Friend’s Reunion

Perhaps you use the holidays as an excuse to get together with old high school and college friends and roommates.  Bring back good memories and create new ones with a custom scavenger hunt.  Perhaps your scavenger hunt can begin before everyone arrives in town.  Start the scavenger hunt early, to build excitement and anticipation, by mailing clues in advance and use online tools, photos, videos, stories to kick off the scavenger hunt well in advance.  Then, wrap up the game at dinner or at a gathering of friends.  The possibilities are endless.

Davita Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Annapolis MD Thrill of the Hunt
Davita Christmas Party (postponed until March due to weather & scheduling) held outside throughout old town Annapolis, MD

Organization or Club

Depending on the organization or club, perhaps you already have a cause you stand behind or are apart of.  Sure, you can host a scavenger hunt as part of your holiday celebrations, but you can also think bigger.  Use the scavenger hunt to help your cause.

Hosting a Christmas party scavenger hunt doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the workers or volunteers.  Nope.  Use this event as a way to raise money for your cause.  Perhaps you work at an animal shelter?  Use that theme to hold a scavenger hunt, possibly resulting in pet adoptions or donations.  The scavenger hunt can be custom to educate the community on pet facts to truly make your cause known and leaving a lasting impression.  After all, when it comes to awareness, it’s an emotional decision, not a logical one.

There are unlimited activities for Christmas and New Year’s parties, try a scavenger hunt.  In keeping with the theme of the season, here are a few theme ideas to consider and perhaps brainstorm for your next holiday function.  Whether it’s professional or personal, make this holiday celebration memorable and start a scavenger hunt tradition.

  • Christmas in Bethlehem
  • Retro
  • Glitter
  • Jingle Bells
  • Snowmen
  • Grinch
  • New York / City
  • Sailing the Seas
  • European / Countryside
  • Chinese (Asian)
  • Southern / New England / Vegas Lights / Hawaii
  • Ugly Sweater
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Hot Chocolate / Tea / Coffee
  • Christmas Cookies / Gingerbread Men
  • Confetti / Balloons
  • Hash Tag

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, or you’d like to see if a scavenger hunt could fit into your holiday plans, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss.  Did you create your very own holiday scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

Happy Holidays!



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