A New Way to Black Friday – Scavenger Hunt Shopping Ideas

Halloween is behind us, election has just concluded and now everyone is prepping for Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! Sure tackling Black Friday alone is an adventure, but what if you and your friends and family approached this chaotic shopping day slightly different this year?  How?  By creating a shopping scavenger hunt.  Get yourself…

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Football Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Football of all levels is in motion, high school (nearly done), college and professional.  American footfall fans can be found far and wide, all over the world.  Sounds like the perfect theme for a scavenger hunt! Soon Superbowl LI will be upon us, February 5, 2017.  Take this time to add another activity to your football tradition of tailgating and…

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Dog Scavenger Hunt, Annapolis, MD

Thrill of the Hunt hosted our 2nd Annual Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt in historic Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, October 29, 2016. How did it go? Extremely well!  The day was bright, sunny with blues skies and perfect mild temperatures.  It was a fantastic day to spend time with family, friends and dogs of all sizes while uncovering clues and…

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Join the Dog Scavenger Hunt in Annapolis, MD

Thrill of the Hunt is wrapping up our annual dog scavenger hunts.  The Annapolis, Maryland event is our last public scavenger hunt of the year.  Stop!  Don’t be sad.  Thrill of the Hunt is already planning next year’s events, especially our dog scavenger hunts.  There’s more adventures for 2017! Did you say dog scavenger hunt?  Yes! Does that mean the…

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Right about now the corn mazes are trapping scared adventure seekers, the haunted houses are screaming with excitement and the Monster Mash is calling Halloween participants of all ages to dance and sing.  Want something new?  Try adding to this excitement with a unique and interactive Halloween scavenger hunt. Who you gonna call?  – Thrill of the Hunt! There’s nothing…

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Homecoming Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Colleges, universities and high schools are celebrating homecoming or are planning to do so.  How can you engage the students, alumni, communities and families with this celebration?  A scavenger hunt of course.  We’ve discussed Enticing College Students – Scavenger Hunt Ideas and now let’s focus on homecoming. Many times the homecoming festivities take place over several days and include many…

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Thrill of the Hunt Turns 4!

Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt ~Established September 24, 2012 Happy Birthday Thrill of the Hunt!  Another year passes, and Thrill of the Hunt is continuing to grow and bring our one of a kind scavenger hunt experiences to public and private Thrill Seekers. What’s new with Thrill of the Hunt?  A lot.  Since last year, we’ve increased the number…

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Dog Scavenger Hunt New Hope, PA

Previously, Thrill of the Hunt has offered a dog scavenger hunt in New Hope, Pennsylvania and since the participants and sponsors enjoyed the activity, Thrill of the Hunt is bringing it back to New Hope with an added twist.  A Halloween event! Start off Halloween early by joining Thrill of the Hunt on Saturday, October 1, 2016 for a Halloween…

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