Carrollton Texas dog scavenger hunt Thrill of the Hunt 5-14-16 v3Last Saturday, May 14, 2016 was the Paws on the Square event in Carrollton, Texas.  Thrill of the Hunt was honored with the request to join the activities of the day with our dog scavenger hunt.

I was a little nervous, since early in the morning it was thundering and lightening with torrential downpours, but once daylight approached and the weather cleared, it turned out to be a very pretty mild temperatured sunny day.   Perfect for a dog scavenger hunt around Carrollton, Texas.

This dog scavenger hunt was a little different than our typical.  Sure the participants had to figure out riddles and rhymes to go to specific nearby locations, for guaranteed foot traffic into the local participating businesses.  They also had to complete online challenges and post their results on Facebook or Twitter.  However, this particular scavenger hunt included a series of questions and fun facts on historical Carrollton, Texas.  Sure, that’s no surprise since Thrill of the Hunt has built community scavenger hunts in a similar fashion, as well as for team building scavenger hunts for company outings, except this was a very specific request from downtown Carrollton.  Why?

Carrollton was using our dog scavenger hunt as an entry for a community award.  What a great idea!  Obviously, in order to submit, they needed to meet certain requirements.  While all the details didn’t pertain to Thrill of the Hunt, some did.  We needed to make our dog scavenger hunt educational with respect to the area, the buildings, the history and so on.  Not a problem!   It’s always fun digging up history and finding a unique way to present it to the masses, and through a scavenger hunt is always the best way!

Carrollton Texas dog scavenger hunt Thrill of the Hunt 5-14-16 v1Another first for Thrill of the Hunt, this was our first scavenger hunt we built that relied entirely on smartphone usage using a scavenger hunt app.  The app made the process very easy to understand, it tracked the participants, kept score and walked the Thrill Seekers through the clues and challenges.  It was very easy and organized, the way we like to administer to an event.

Paws on the Square included an area to adopt a pet, an area for low cost vaccines, a pet character artist, a photo area, plus all the sponsors in their booths, and it was all jumping to the beat of a local DJ.  Great event!

On a side note, I want to give Nicole DiTommaso, the Special Events Coordinator for the City of Carrollton a huge shout out!  She did a wonderful job.  The event was organized, there was a lot offered, and she was extremely easy to work with.  Thanks Nicole!

I’d say the day was a success and the dog scavenger hunt was a hit!  Don’t believe us?  Check out a few video testimonials for yourself, below.

Everyone was in good spirits and very welcoming of Thrill of the Hunt and our dog scavenger hunt.  We had a lot of fun, too!  I hope next year we’re invited back to participate in the Paws on the Square event.

Here are a few testimonials from the day.  Check out more on our Youtube Channel




Participate in a dog scavenger hunt!  It’s not only good for you and your dog, but the entire family, plus it’s a lot of fun!

Photos for the event can be found on our Gallery page.

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