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This video is a summary of the book, Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps for Your Adventure – Party Edition.


What is This Book About?

Thrill of the Hunt compiled an easy to follow step-by-step guide to building your own custom scavenger hunt for any private occasion. This book is a collection of tips and tricks, ideas and guidelines acquired over the years from our experience in scavenger hunt development and execution. We've also included general event planning suggestions and examples.

While these suggestions may be incorporated into a team building activity, a corporate outing or a trade show event, the content is focused for personal fun. We want everyone to have an adventure.

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Where Can I
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Easy. Select from one of the popular retailers below and make your purchase. Building a Scavenger Hunt. Basic Steps for Your Adventure - Party Edition is offered in print or as an eBook.

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Why Do I Need
This Book?

The easiest way for you to build a professional scavenger hunt is to follow by example. Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps for Your Adventure - Party Edition is the first book of its kind. It's packed with ideas, tips and examples to incorporate into your very own scavenger hunt, along with event planning guidance. Did we mention we added a complete scavenger hunt example? Check it out.

Budgets are always a big concern, especially for private parties. This is our solution. Instead of having Thrill of the Hunt build your custom scavenger hunt, we're giving you the guidance and our experience to build your own, saving you money and a lot of frustration.

Not to mention, many times, people want to build their own scavenger hunt but they're not sure where to start or how to continue their efforts. This book will help you get started with the overall structure and examples and it will keep you organized throughout the entire process, from beginning till the end and after.

This book not only address scavenger hunts, it also outlines many aspects of party planning.

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Did You Know the Book Contains an Actual Scavenger Hunt Example?

That's right. The scavenger hunt example was built to celebrate the birthday of a 16 year old high school student along with 30 of his friends in a local town.

Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps for Your Adventure - Party Edition outlines the complete scavenger hunt to use as a guide or to pick and choose from the content. These real life examples of clues, challenges and social interactions are highlighted with pictures from the scavenger hunt and shows the flow of the game. Thrill of the Hunt showed the process for building the custom scavenger hunt by using local landmarks and structures. These details are the foundation for developing an organized professional scavenger hunt with minimal effort. Make sure to get your copy today!


1st Scavenger Hunt
'How To' Book

Did you ever wonder how to build a professional scavenger hunt? Wonder no more. Thrill of the Hunt has you covered with Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps to Your Adventure - Party Edition. Thrill of the Hunt outlined the most effective and organized process for building and executing a successful scavenger hunt.

The book is packed with valuable input such as:


Sources of Inspiration

Theme Ideas

 Scavenger Hunt Sample  


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Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Download your FREE scavenger hunt checklist here. This checklist is included in the book, in addition to detailed information on how to accomplish each of the checklist items. Don't forget to purchase your copy of Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps for Your Adventure - Party Edition.


Don't Worry We're Working On It!

Thrill of the Hunt is busy working on additional books in the series that have been requested. We'll let you know as soon as they've been released. Stay tuned.

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Building a Scavenger Hunt Basic Steps for Your Adventure - Party Edition makes a great gift.

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